What Is a Fashion Lookbook?

A fashion lookbook is a catalog of clothing pieces from a fashion brand. It is intended to inspire its target audiences on the use of fashion items that should eventually lead to their purchase.

How to Create a Fashion Lookbook

If done poorly, your fashion lookbook can only be a reading material full of distracting outputs, failing to showcase a fashion item in its best appealing way. We gathered here the sharp vital factors in helping you create a user-friendly and effective fashion lookbook.

1. Opt for A Clean Layout

The simpler, the better. Ensure that your fashion lookbook to be clutter-free. A minimalist approach is the best way here to go. Make your fashion pieces pop out. Opt for a clean layout that its background won't steal the attention, positively or negatively, than the subject.

2. Highlight the Specifics

Fill your fashion lookbook not only with full-body photos but also close up shots on some interesting key points of your fashion pieces. Highlight the specifics on each such as a distinct way of seaming, an exclusive clothing logo brand, a multi-functional jean pocket, or other else.

3. Briefly Word Out

As the name suggests, a fashion lookbook is meant to be a visual guiding tool in engaging with the target audiences. Hence, it should not be comprised of many wordings pertaining to the fashion items. Only state what is relevant such as the specific brand name, fabric, and the like. Photos are still what needs to be focused on in your fashion lookbooks.

4. Build A Story

Lastly, build a story. Showcase also the mood of your fashion pieces when worn in a real environment. Do not just incorporate studio-shot photos. You have to give your audiences a significant sneak peek of what it will actually look like when seen on streets, clubs, cruise ships, schools, cityscapes, or other arenas depending on your fashion item.

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