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What is Fashion Flyer?

A fashion flyer, just like a fashion poster, is a promotional strategy that is focused on the clothing line, ornament, and cosmetic business. The flyer can be for fashion shows, fashion weeks, festivals, stores and boutiques, exhibitions, events, party, and many more. The flyers are handed out to the targetted audience to inform them about the fashion business.

How to Make a Fashion Flyer?

fashion flyer template

Flyer-making is one of the old-fashioned methods of advertising. Despite its vintage style, flyers are still as effective and as practical as before. There are already many digital and online means that can be utilized in promotions at this year of age; however, those did not push the flyer strategy off the ranks. Most companies, especially the fashion industry, use printed hand-outs such as flyers to promote their goods and services. That explains that the flyers are still as popular and practical for the companies to use and still help in boosting up their sales. So here are the steps in making a fashion flyer.

1.Specify the Event that Needs to be Promoted

As mentioned above, a fashion flyer has many functions. It does not only limit to grand openings, but also other events that involve fashion. So, to gain clarity before making the flyer, specify which event are the flyers used for. There are fashion concert flyers, fashion show flyers, fashion store flyers, clothing brand flyers, fashion week flyers, fashion salon flyers, fashion photography flyers, men's wear flyers, women's wear flyers, and many more types of flyers. Those are some of the types that you can promote with flyers.

2. Thoroughly Choose Your Target Audience

The main benefit of using a flyer is it focuses on the targetted audience. Unlike some marketing strategy that generalizes the public in promotions, flyers are more targetted and narrowed. So, choose which audience you should put our work on. Since this is a fashion flyer, you can expect engagements from fashion-interested people. So, target the people who are clearly into fashion.

3. Find the Places of the Target Audience

After choosing which audience to focus on, find the places that they often go to and most likely be found. The places to hand out the fashion flyers are very crucial for the effectivity of the promotional strategy. If you mindlessly hand these out without any solid plan, the flyers are most like a waste. Not everyone is interested in fashion, so the flyers are most likely ignored. So, to prevent such risk, think about the places carefully. You can include locations like near shopping centers, fashion exhibits, and fashionable parties, to name a few.

4. Start the Actualization of the Fashion Flyer

After going through the more detailed process, you can start the making of the flyer. Open your trusted flyer-maker; you can use PSD, Publisher, Apple Pages, or any program that you can rely on. Start by resizing the blank paper. The typical sizes of a standard flyer are 4 in x 6 in and 5 in x 7 in, while the smaller types are 3 in x 4 in or 3 in x 5 inches. Then, design. Make the design appropriate and relevant to fashion. The colors must be flashy yet non-disrupting to the harmony of the texts and designs. Use vectors and patterns that are related to fashion. Then, put the content. The content must contain all the necessary information that the target audience needs to know in case they are interested in. It has to answer the What, Where, and When of the event. Arrange it appealingly with the What as the more prominent information.

5. Revise the Fashion Flyer

After making the fashion flyers, recheck for any mistakes and correct it. Afterward, save the fashion flyer and print.

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