Did you know that millennials prefer to exercise more than baby boomers, according to the Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey 2014? This can mean that you can make millennials the target audience of your fitness studio. Aside from that, it's also important to consider that your fitness studio needs tools in advertising and branding like a logo, flyer, and more to leave a mark on people. This can help you grow your revenue, too. For that, you can select from our collection of Ready-Made Fitness Studio Templates! These are editable and printable. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

What Is a Fitness Studio Ad?

Today, every fitness studio is busy doing promotions for its business through ads. Fitness studio ads are promotional tools they use to show their services to the public. These tools can be rack cards, brochures, leaflets, banners, surveys, or posters. If created well, these can spark people's interest and encourage them to go to their studio.

How to Create a Fitness Studio Ad

Ready to encourage some health nuts and ordinary people to stay in shape through your fitness studio? Then, check out the tips below.

1. Identify Which Ad to Use

Nothing works better than being specific about which type of ad you want to use. Just focus on what you think is currently working best in getting leads. Is it a flyer, a poster, or a brochure?

2. Add Design

Delight and captivate your audience with an attractive design. It doesn't take an artist to design an ad for your fitness boutique or small gym because you can do it yourself! You can create sketches or get a poster or flyer template if you want. Decide if you're going to make it modern, fun, or grace it with luxury.

3. Highlight Services

Proudly highlight your services like boxing, yoga, dance, personal training, and cardio. People want to check if you cater to their needs. Create a list and make sure that you highlight them on your poster or brochure.

4. Share Your Offers

Medium argues that customers have budgets so they would enjoy discounts to save money. So, got offers and discounts? Showcase them on your ad! People will absolutely line up on your fitness studio to try them.

5. Don't Forget Your Contact and Address Details

Last on the list is your contact and address details. You have to remember that some people may have inquiries about your fitness studio, so better provide your contact number, website, and social media links. Of course, don't forget to include your location and drop that address on your rack card or poster.

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