Are you planning a big Halloween BBQ? Do you have a fundraiser event that needs attention? Is your business in need of marketing some new products? Whatever it is that you need advertising, our expansive line of beautifully designed ready-made editable flyer templates has you covered! Each template that we have to offer in our gallery is available to alter in Microsoft Word for your convenience; every design is easily editable and fast to prep for printing ASAP so you can save time and effort, with CMYK colors and 300 DPI resolution. So have a look and download to spread the word with our flyer designs!

How to Make Flyers in Word

By making use of Microsoft Word and our diverse selection of ready-made editable flyer templates, putting together your own advertisement flyer/leaflet is a piece of cake! Don’t know how? It’s simple—just follow our guide down below and we’ll show you what to do.

1. Subscribe to and Install Microsoft Word

If you don’t have MS Word set up yet, then you can simply head over to Microsoft’s online store at their website to find it. Once you’re there, pick from the different options they have for monthly subscription rates for registering to their Office 365 bundle, which includes MS Word in it (along with other programs and features). It’s also possible to just separately buy MS Word, with each purchase being good to install on one computer.

But, maybe you’re thinking of why you should even bother with using MS Word when there’s a bunch of programs out there from other publishers that you could use instead. Well, as a veteran software developer that has helped shape how the modern standard of computer technology is today, Microsoft has been able to provide high-quality and efficient products to its consumers for more than 4 decades now. So, you can have confidence that you’re spending your budget on a reliable program that gives you the tools and accessories you’ll need in creating your flyer!

2. Fire up Microsoft Word and Have a Look Inside

Were you able to grab a subscription to MS Word yet? The next step is to run the program and see what it has to offer. Given how widespread MS Word has been in the use of school and business for many years, chances are that you already have a general level of familiarity with how it works, so it should be easy enough to get used to the different tools and accessories of the software’s latest iteration.

3. Go through Our Collection of Templates and Make Your Choice

Once you’ve had a look at Microsoft Word, the next thing to affix your attention to is our gallery of ready-made editable flyer templates and to choose a design that’s suitable for what you need. Whether you’re a real estate agency with property to sell or someone planning an anniversary gala with an open invitation, we’ve got you covered!

4. Download Your Chosen Template and Get to Work

After choosing the desired template for your flyer and downloading the file, it’s time to start editing your design. Do you want to make use of your lunch hour while you go out to eat? No problem, as MS Word is also available to use on mobile devices! It even features that function with a stylus and grants you the ability to collaborate online with other people in real-time!

5. Save Your Changes and It’s Ready

Are done with the final touches? Just remember to save your work and you can start printing. Now, making attention-grabbing flyers is easy with Microsoft Word and our ready-made editable flyer templates!

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