How to Create a Brochure in MS Word

Creating a brochure in Microsoft Word can be done in any version including Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, and Word Online, part of Office 365. In general, a brochure is a single sheet of textual content with photos neatly folded in half (bifold) or in three (trifold). Commonly the data features a specific product or service, business, or event. Printed brochures are also referred to as pamphlets or leaflets. In any version of Word, you can make a brochure simply by opening and start customizing one of the Word's varieties of templates to meet your needs.

This short guide will give you useful and easy-to-follow tips in creating a unique and creative brochure using Microsoft Word.

1. Select a Brochure Design Theme

Before anything else, you need to think of a suitable brochure design theme or motif. A well-designed brochure is an ideal introduction to your business. For instance, you are to create an editable brochure for engineering and medical business, featuring related designs to these fields will be a meaningful one. Always remember to choose or craft a design that will truly complement your business. In this manner, it will help you attract potential clients.

2. Decide what Type of Brochure you Need

There are plenty of brochure types available. Roll fold, accordion fold, gatefold, bi-fold, and tri-fold brochure types just to name some. You have to choose one of those in order for you to be specific. Select the type that you think is more sufficient for your client's needs. Choosing a suitable brochure-type will help you layout your ideas orderly.

3. Research and Download Suitable Brochure Online

If you want to save time planning your desired printable brochure design, using the internet can be a great help. Research for your particular business and then look for related design templates. If you have chosen a sample that is fit for you, download them for free. Also to help you with this matter, you are free to check out samples provided on this website.

4. Write the Content

Note, this is the most crucial part. You need to be meticulous in how you will present information about your particular product, services, and events. Take some time drafting contents in the front cover, back cover, and the body of the editable product, service, or sales brochure. Make the message simple and easy to follow in order to provide a comprehensible and convenient reading experience. Normally, front covers feature and promote the product or service, back covers provide contact details and other necessary information, and the inside page presents the main details and other vital information. This will serve as a bait that will catch the attention and interest of your possible clients.

5. Recheck for Errors and Print

After you write the content, re-read everything. Look for glaring errors and edit them right away. Check the spelling, sentence structures, and the words you used. When you're done, you can now print your business brochures. We recommend you use a high-quality paper type for long-term utilization. Congratulations! you are now ready to hand your expertly made brochure to your potential clients.

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