Gym Contracts Templates

When Running a Gym, Ensure Members Will Not Breach Agreements Without Legal Complications. Download’s Free Gym Contract Templates. Get Basic or Standard Gym Contract and Agreement Samples for Fitness, Boxing, Personal Training, 12-Month Membership Fitness Training, and Trainer Agreements. All Templates Have Customizable Content to Fit Your Specifications.See more

Working out in a gym is one way of living a healthy lifestyle. Some just want to burn down all the fat they have in their bodies from all the sugar and junk food they have consumed in the past. While some want to get strong, buff, shredded and ripped while maintaining it in the process. If you plan on starting your gym and get people signed in to a membership heading to the world of fitness, then you came to the right place. Time to exercise your mind and body and get those workout schedules ready because here it is! Download our 100% customizable, professionally written, and printable gym contract templates to start your own fitness company and get you fit physically and financially as well!

What is a Gym Contract?

A gym contract is a membership deal for newcomers who are starting up their fitness journey to sign in on a deal that may come with certain benefits depending on the number of months they would be staying and also may reach a 12 month deal for max which is equivalent to a year. The membership comes with full access to the equipment used in the gym, training plans and fitness regimen exercises, and your own personal trainer and some special classes depending on the gym’s contract agreement based on their monthly rates and plans. Statistics according to research shown in the International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association states that the $30 billion health and fitness industry

How To Make A Gym Contract

1. Know Your Clients

It is important as a gym owner to know the people that come in your gym whether it be by a month to month basis or better daily to see what your clients are individually capable of doing and not doing when they’re in the gym to workout. Factors include their medical history which may require a medical waiver which may be included on the gym coaching contract for them to fill up and possibly their medical certificate to show what they are limited to do but still have to comply for health reasons. 

2. Show Accessibilities To Your Clients

When you get your clients to sign their gym sample contracts, notify them about the possible accessibilities which may depend on their transaction. That would depend on the additional bonuses for them to add up in order for them to access other privileges once they enter the gym. If you want to summarize yourself on showcasing your product, then it could be possible to have a social media account showcasing your gym for the whole world to see as well.

3. Respect Your Business

Injuries are usually unfortunate for both the client and the one managing the gym. The result of these happenings out of carelessness and ego would be the client suing the gym for what happened to them and that lawsuit won’t turn out good for you if you lost the case. So in order for you to avoid such a dilemma, you have to imply in their private contracts a “Reason of Liability” which states that your gym will not be liable to injury and damage to such person, nor the property of such person, nor be subject to any claim, demand, injury or damages. To avoid this scenario from happening, you must give your client a personal instructor in order for your client to learn proper form under your personal trainer’s supervision to avoid any trouble and incidences in the near future. Plus maybe having some Youtube template videos for fitness safety would be of use as a demo for your customers to see and learn.

4. Respect Your Client

Membership contracts should outline the client’s rights and responsibilities. A good contract will ensure the client’s security of accountability and appreciation towards the gym on their stay in the gym. Make the fees reasonable and something that wouldn’t empty your client’s wallet which would result to drive away other clients out of discouragement. There are also questions that your clients will be asking upon their membership plans which may include month to month payments or a 6 to 12-month plan, automated billing, or even refunding upon cancellation. Cancellation however may result in a termination contract for the client to sign in order for the client to receive their refund.

5. Know The Law

Now there are some things you need to abide and avoid in the fitness industry for the sake of your client. The probationary period may be applied for your client to back out from their contract with a full refund without cancellation fees. Plus lifetime memberships are considered banned for the possible situation that your business may close down due to circumstances and banning this law would protect your clients from any overwhelming losses and may gain a refund if ever the situation were to occur. So now that you have been given these tips, it’s time to promote your up your gym on Facebook ads, get your simple gym contracts ready, and give your clients some gains to lift and get fit!