Coaching Contract Templates

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What is a Coaching Contract?

A coaching contract is a legal document that binds you and your coach during the coaching period. This sets the ground rules for your coaches and their coaching responsibilities. In addition, this keeps your coach's liabilities at the minimum. Providing your coaches this contract is the formal and professional way of recruiting hiring them in your institution. 

How to Write a Coaching Contract?

coaching contract template

Before you hire a coach, be sure to draft yourself a coaching contract to explain your agreement with your coach. A simple legal agreement gives both of you peace of mind and protection.

1. Identify Who are Involved

Begin by finding yourself a coach. Identify who they are and include their names on the simple contract. State the effectivity of their skillful employment and the schools they are affiliated with if it applies. When you encounter acronyms, be sure to define them properly to avoid misunderstanding of its meaning.

2. Specify the Duration of the Contract

Explain how long the duration of your coach's contract will last. Specify the number of years or months he or she will give you a coaching service. If you wish to have an extension of his or her service, you may include it on your contract agreement, given that both of you have renegotiated it in the future.

3. Add the Duties and Responsibilities

List all of your coach's duties and responsibilities during his or her coaching period with you and point out important details. This includes instructing athletes, supervising during training and sports tournaments, committing to the academic success of the athletes, recruiting of athletes, budgeting the team's allowance, and adhering to the rules and policies of the school. Indicate these in the performance contract.

4. Include Terms and Conditions

State your terms and conditions for your coach in the service contract. Include your coach's salary and compensation, the benefits they may receive such as medical and life insurance. Clearly state your conditions that may trigger their terminations and penalties to be given if the contract is breached. Further explain what may happen if either side contract terminates, as well as non-compete provision for other violations made.

5. Insert Other Detailed Information

Insert other detailed information such as typical contract clauses, confidentiality agreements with your coach, rescheduling policy, and your refund policy. These are very important in case a lawsuit occurs due to a violation or a breach of contract. 

6. Provide a "Your Signature" Area

Lastly, provide a wide space for both of you to affix your signatures. Signatures are commonly placed at the bottom of the sample contract; there the coach signs the contract together with a few witnesses. Have your contract signed once and everything is settled with your coach for it to be validated. Have it reviewed by your lawyer and notarized for security service purposes.