Ascension Day Templates

Commemorate the Happy Feast Day of Jesus’s Ascension to Heaven in Fulfillment of Scripture with’s Free Ascension Day Templates. Make Cliparts or Social Media Covers for Greeting Friends Who are Catholic or Christians Alike. Include Prayers, Religious Arts and Quotes, and Bible Messages. Get Them All Right Here!See more

The Feast of the Ascension, otherwise known as Ascension Day, is a celebration commemorating Jesus Christ's ascension to heaven weeks after Easter Sunday. Obviously, this occasion deserves to be celebrated especially by the Christians which is why we're offering to you our collection of ready-made Ascension Day templates. These templates are fully downloadable, high-quality, and 100% customizable, you'll never go wrong if you choose to use them for making beautifully-designed flyers, posters, newsletters, or greeting cards. Available in Adobe Photoshop (.psd), you can download any of these templates anytime and anywhere. Go ahead, download a ready-made template right now.

How to Make Ascension Day Holiday Templates

Express thankfulness by making optimistic Ascension Day templates, and we've got instructions below to help you out. These instructions are fairly understandable, you don't need a master's degree in graphic design to pull off an expressive template.

1. Flyers? Posters? Banners? Cards?

When we say templates, it can either be one for creating flyers, posters, banners, or even greeting cards. Before you can start making one, try to decide first on what to create to give you an idea on what you need and how you can deliver your message to the readers. If you prefer to initiate a personal interaction with your target readers, then you probably might go with making Ascencion Day flyers since they're usually distributed by hand.

2. Identify your target readers

In the previous step, we kept talking about target readers but what or who are these people? Most of the time, modern advertisements campaigns are not generic and are rather aimed at specific people who are likely to be interested in what you're offering to them. These people are referred to as the target market, audience, or readers and they are categorized according to geographic, demographic, psychographic, or behavioral segmentation.

3. Gather all the resources you need

By resources, we are referring to the images and the content that you wish to include in your holiday template. To keep the momentum going after you've started working on your project, it's best that you start gathering what you need and segregate the most important elements from the optional ones. When gathering resources for your Ascension Day template, make sure that they are appropriate to the feast, your target readers, and the church.

4. Make a draft and sketch of your template

Another way of saving time and increasing productivity is by making a draft and/or a sketch of your project on a sheet of paper. This way, you'll already have a clear picture of how your Ascension Day holiday template will look and there will be a big enough room for you to make changes easily. Aside from simply sketching the possible look of your template, you can also write down notes to identify specific details about the content or design.

5. Work on it using a preferred editing tool

For you to start working on your template, you need to choose an editing tool that you think will allow you to create the design and add the content flawlessly. Many people would prefer to use Adobe Photoshop not only because it's user-friendly and easy to learn but also because it's got a wide range of tools available. Start creating your design and choose from among the gathered images or photos to add to it.

6. Write and proofread the content

After setting up the layout of your church template, you can start adding your content and organize them according to relevance. If you want, you can also add quotes as long as they don't overshadow the content that needs to be emphasized. And once you're done writing the content, take time to go over it and check the grammar and spelling for errors. Make sure that your project is already worth reading when you start printing them.