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Create a Professional Itinerary Document Online with’s Free Itinerary Templates. Choose from a Wide Array of Editable Template Samples with Fillable Spaces That Act as a Guidebook for Travellers with Plan of Journey, Places to Visit, Line of Travel, Route, and Record of Travel Features.See more

How To Create The Perfect Itinerary?

how to create the perfect itinerary?

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Create a personalized itinerary with’s ready-made itineraries to get an organized planner and make a table or summary of your trip for your group, birthday event, company, or family tour. Choose from template sample designs ranging from blank to cute to plan your travel, vacation, road trip, or flight.

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Our free editable itinerary template samples help you plan, organize, and execute your itinerary for a business trip, family vacation, corporate event, conference tour, wedding party, meeting, weekend holiday fun, and more. Whether for day-to-day or one-off activities, get your choice of blank, basic, professional, or formal itinerary samples that you can fully customize online with help from our user-friendly editor tool. Edit or replace content and adjust text and fonts to your specifications before downloading and printing.


  • What is a Travel Itinerary?

      An itinerary is a documented personal travel plan. It includes the travel schedule with the places to visit, the accommodation place and location, flooding and transportation sources and costs. It summarizes the expense areas in detail.

  • What is an Itinerary Ticket?

      It is a flight itinerary that tells about proposed routes including details on the airport, travel date and time of the flight, paid amount, chosen seat details, etc. It is provided by the respective flight services you have proposed the booking to or sometimes by the online sites that bridge both ends.

  •  What is the Purpose of an Itinerary?

      • It gives better planning.
      • It gives undisturbed and unconfusing knowledge of a plan. 
      • It helps to understand financial expenses easily.
      • It helps in controlling the expenditures and managing time. 
      • It helps to keep important dates in mind.
  • What are the Elements of an Itinerary?

      • Travelers’ names are full as mentioned in their id cards or passports. 
      • Transportation sources, dates, times, and the starting location.
      • Vehicle numbers and the route it will take through details. 
      • Paid amount details or receipt details. 
      • Details of the travel agent or booking source.
  • What are the Types of Itinerary?

      • Tour Package: It includes perfectly planned travel directions.
      • Special Packages: Travel packages to a special place and event or adventure trip.
      • Destination Packages: It may include one or multiple travel destination and their travel itinerary.