How to Make a Business Report in Google Sheets

A business report is a professionally written document consist of all the necessary details of a company. Business report writing is a process of producing a formal written statement for a business setting. One of the importance of business reports is that it enables you to document the progress and growth of your company. This will allow you to keep track of the status of an ongoing project, the company's financial status, or business sales. Business reports also let you analyze situations and allows you to come up with a good action plan or management strategy for long-term performance.

A business report needs to be well-written so that it is understandable to anyone who will read the report—company CEO, stakeholders, or employees. So, if you are going to make a business report to present to your employer, we suggest you do it simple yet informative. To help you with that, we give you some guidelines that will help you craft a comprehensive business report.

1. Understand What a Business Report is

Before you start inputting all the essential information, you must first understand what a business report is. You may research its purpose and relevance. Doing so will help you write a professional-looking, comprehensive, and impressive business report.

2. Determine the Type of Report to Write

Once you understand what a business report is, you can already start making your business report. Start by knowing what type of report to make. Are you writing a business expense report? Or a business progress report to document the progress of your business projects? Or your annual company growth? Whatever that is, make sure to determine it beforehand so you will have a smooth process all the way.

3. Write the Content

The content of your business report must relate to the type of report you are writing. For instance, you are writing a progress report on your company's project. Write an executive summary of the project—what the project is for, its purpose, and its importance. Detail all the process that has been done to execute the project and the progress. Then, make a summary of the main highlights in the introduction and body.

4. Make Use of a Business Report Template

Creating a business report on your own is brave. But if you want to do it less hassle, we say you utilize a ready-made business template. A sample printable template offers you a preformatted layout and a suggestive content. So if you have little knowledge of how to make or write a business report, you can use a template as your guide.

5. Customize in Google Sheets

Adding information into your business report template is accessible if you do it in Google Sheets. This online spreadsheet application lets you create and format spreadsheets in a stress-free manner. So you can simply replace all the given content in the sample template with your content.

6. Print or Save Digitally

Finalize everything through printing or saving your business report document digitally. But we suggest you do both. So, once you present it, you can provide a hard copy and display it using a powerpoint presentation.

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