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How to Make Letterheads in MS Word

There are so many reasons as to why branding is very important in every business and one of them is because it provides an identity to the business and its goods and services. Branding helps in stimulating recognition and memory, and it serves as a marketing strategy to bring uniqueness to the company. One of the most common branding strategies of a business is the use of letterheads which is not only for formality purposes but also for adding an identity to a document. If you're planning to incorporate a letterhead in your professional stationeries, here's how you can do it in Microsoft Word.

1. Determine the Type of Company

First and foremost, determine the type of company to know what letterhead is applicable and more suitable to it. Any company that seeks recognition can use letterheads to boost their identity further, even small businesses can use letterheads to gain reputation and status in the vast business world. An enterprise does not need to be prominent and popular to start its branding

2. Design a Compelling Logo

Just like letterheads, business logos also play a vital role in the company's branding. A logo represents the company and serves as a symbol of the company's vision and purpose. If you don't have a logo yet, design one and make sure it reflects the nature of the business. Of course, your business logo has to be creative and striking to the eyes of the public to help them remember the brand.

3. Choose the Stationeries

Letterheads are meant to be included in the company's stationery including sales letters, marketing proposals, and other legal documents. Determining where to put your letterhead should be thought of carefully since it helps in achieving an organized production of the documents. The sizes also vary when it comes to stationeries, so it is highly essential to take time and determine where to insert the letterhead.

4. Envision a Fitting Design

Letterheads do not need to be flashy, it can be simple yet trendy to serve its minimal purpose. Unlike business flyers, letterheads simply add a touch of formality and professionalism to a document. So, take note of the limitations and be mindful of colors and elements that may overpower the more important content of your letterhead. In addition to colors, companies are commonly recognized because of their color scheme since people tend to accompany it with their products and marketing materials.

5. Design the Letterhead in Word

By using Microsoft Word, you can start actualizing your professional business letterhead. Start a blank canvas in Word and set up the size appropriately or according to the type of stationery. Afterward, you can start putting together the logo, name, address, and contact details of the business or organization. When doing so, make sure to arrange the elements well to make your letterhead appreciable and legible.

6. Finalize the Company Letterhead

After accomplishing your business letterhead, review and recheck for any unnecessary text and design errors. Once it's been evaluated, you can finally save it in its final form, and you can choose whether to keep it in DOC or to export it in PDF. Either way, save your finished product and prepare it for printing.

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