How to Make a Stationery in Microsoft Word?

There are a lot of things that can be associated with stationery, things like business cards, envelopes, and office stationery. Another thing, business stationery comprises invoices and receipts as well. Your stationery is one of the ways to brand your corporate identity, so it is important to keep it professional. Here are some steps on how to make stationery:

1. Letterhead Design

A website says that a letterhead is a representation of a company. You can start by putting a letterhead to your stationery. Your letterhead should include your company name, company address, and company logo. Once you have arranged the information on your basic letterhead, you can now use it for any transaction that you want. You can download stationery templates or a letterhead template and customize it. You can choose to work with Microsoft Word to make your stationery.

2. Company Logo

Your business logo stands for your business. It is part of your letterhead. Another thing, you have choices where you prefer to place your company logo. When you send a letter to someone, commonly, your company logo is placed at the top right or top left of the letter. For envelopes and business cards, you can place the logo on the right side or left side of the company name and address.

3. Format

You can't just suddenly decide on how your stationery would look like. You need to make it elegant and modern. If you want to highlight your company name, you can choose to have it in italics or bold letters, despite, you need to know that you can't just use these styles to other information on your letterhead. If you would italicize or boldface the company address or contact number, your stationery would look unpleasant. There are other ways on how you can highlight your company name, you can make use of colors that harmonize with your company logo. You can use orange, blue, or other colors as long as it looks organized with your company logo.

4. Catchword

To add more life to your stationery, you can include your company's quote. Your company saying will help your customers differentiate your business from other brands. Having your catchphrase included in your stationery will give your business a personality to your customers and clients.

5. Company History

To make your stationery unique from others, you include when your company started. Your customers will have a glimpse of how long your company has been in business. This can create an idea in the minds of people that your company has been standing strong and has been growing. This can also boost your company business.

6. Include Your Website and Social Media Account

Although not really conventional to stationeries, you can add your company website and social media account. But don't just include all the details since you want to have minimal and neat-looking stationery.

7. Company Awards

In order to share to customers that you are a competitive and trust-worthy brand, you can your company awards. You can place it at the bottom of your letterhead. You can also place it on your envelope stationery.

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