Effective branding is one of the major struggles that every starting business faces. It plays an integral role in its campaign to expand its visibility in the business market and increase brand awareness. With the uprising level of competition that every business engages in the market industry, only one thing is certain—all of them have to come up with functional brandings to stay in track with the competition. Know that you can now create one for your construction company with our rich selection of Construction Letterhead Templates that are available in Microsoft Word. Download these printable templates today and successfully build customer recognition!

How to Create Construction Letterheads in MS Word?

The construction industry is one of the top revenue-generating sectors in the world, where the United States tops the list among all countries as the largest global construction market. The impressive growth of the US construction industry was greatly observed in its public and private construction spending between 1993 to 2018. It is forecasted that in 2018, the construction spending of its private sector will account for a total of 992 billion US dollars, according to Statista.

With the continuous growth of this economic sector, more businessmen would surely try their chances to make a profit out of this fast-growing industry. One of the effective construction marketing strategies that can help them stand out among their competitors is through practical and functional branding labels. Learn how you can make one in MS Word with the help of these simple guide steps.

1. Make Use of Templates

You have two options to choose from with your letterhead making—draft it out in a blank document and come up with a generic letterhead or make use of templates and instantly create a creative letterhead. If you want to provide your company with only the best branding, then the best option that you can go to is ready-made and downloadable templates. Most of them are already designed with functional formats and appealing artworks, so all you have to do is exert some little amount of editing.

2. Relate It To Your Business

Personalize your chosen template by relating it to what your business is all about. For your construction letterhead, it should somehow depict building or handyman images. Be unique and conceptualize fresh ideas that'll surely catch the attention of your clients. Avoid using a logo that doesn't relate to your construction firm because it'll just confuse your clients. It would be best if you'll conceptualize a logo that would directly be understood by your clients in just one glance.

3. Be Creative With Your Colors

Now that you have already finalized your letterhead logo, it's now time to visualize the color branding that you have to associate with it. For your reference, take a look at some school letterheads or office letterheads or you can go take some suggestions from some construction posters or flyers and see how they visualize their color branding. Make sure that you don't overdo it. We suggest that you make use of three color combinations and see to it that there is a balance between the light colors and the more prominent ones.

4. Practice Coherence

If you want to come up with a professional letterhead, then you have to make sure that everything is arranged logically and systematically in your letterhead. By doing so, you establish credibility in your brand, which will turn out to more lead sales for your construction work services. Applying coherence in your letterheads can make a huge difference.

5. Develop a Catchy Tagline

One of the effective elements to pair up with your logo to make it more functional and engaging is a catchy tagline. Don't settle for boring ones, think outside of the box. Base your final decisions by assessing how well-established furniture companies and electronic companies create their taglines.

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