Company letterheads are a significant stationary commodity for both big and small industries. These are important because it provides branding on your correspondence materials. They are also useful to commercial transactions as they prove document credibility and help create engaging professional relations. For HR companies, we have a few HR Letterhead Templates in Word, so you don't have to create one from scratch. All of these products are easily editable, so it fits your HR department or company. Whether you are an administrative assistant, an HR manager, or an HR executive, these templates are suitable in writing your official documents. Download one now!

How to Create an HR Letterhead in Microsoft Word

One of the most relevant printing collaterals in every company is the HR letterhead. The concept "letterhead" refers to an entire document engraved with specific branding descriptions, as mentioned by The Medium Corporation. It is a great symbolic representation of your organization, and it is something more than a tool for correspondence. It can tell a lot about your brand identity and is an essential part of the company's interaction plan for sales and marketing.

Learning how to create an HR letterhead isn't that complicated. As you master these preparatory guidelines, it will be incredibly easy to develop letterhead designs that will match the identity of your company.

1. Identify Your Branding Identity

When designing a sample letterhead for your HR department, the first step is perhaps the most challenging, since you need to identify the logo or the brand of your company. If you haven't created a logo, it's high time that your team develops one. There are various organizing strategies that you and your team should carry out to create a specific brand identity.

2. Pick a Specific Theme

Once you've determined your brand identity, it's time to pick a theme that fits you as a company. Since you are aiming to create a catchy company letterhead for the HR department, it is best to select a highly qualified and sophisticated theme for your letterhead.

3. Provide the Information

Assemble all the bits of information on your simple letterhead that you need to present. Typically, standard letterheads include the organization name, official logo, business slogan or motto, and contact details.

4. Use a Template to Save Time

If you're running out of time, you should look into using printable letterhead template designs and download the one that best represents your brand identity and company needs. They already include suggestive texts and images which you need to fix, so it fits your details. Everything is easily editable, so don't worry.

5. Have It Printed

Once you've followed our steps, you can now print your business letterhead. Note, as part of your company stationery, ensure that all your other HR documents have the same format as your letterheads and vice versa. Always use premium quality materials for printing to improve the appearances of the stationeries.

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