Most applicants fail to recognize the importance of an application letter for any job application. Like an introduction to someone you just met, your application letter creates the first impression of you to any evaluator. This either gets you for an interview or gets your resume and application into the reject files. Therefore, it is but fitting for any applicant to make sure that application letters have been tailored for that specific company and person.

Here are a few reasons why your cover letter is as important or even more important than the resume itself:

  • Cover letters highlight an applicant’s writing ability. It shows how an applicant can communicate well and express his thoughts properly.

  • A well written application letter makes any applicant stand out among the rest of the pack. This makes an applicant known right from the get go which places an applicant in an ideal position to be considered for employment.

  • Application letters also provide a window for the evaluator to peek into the personality of an applicant.

  • Strengths are highlighted in effective application letters thereby creating a unique fit of the applicant for the job.

  • By making a well prepared application letter, an applicant’s enthusiasm and interest to get the job is shown.

  • Effective application letters sets the follow up meeting or interview and prepares the interviewer what to expect.

Application letters definitely hold key importance for any individual applying for a job. This site offers fully customizable application letters with standard business fonts. Enjoy making amazing and effective application letters using the templates available on site. Download them anytime and anywhere at lightning fast speeds. Make application letter writing your forte with these easy to edit and highly effective application letter templates made available for any job or position. Simply use your favorite software application that supports MS Word or Pages file formats and you are on your way to getting that dream job.

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