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How To Create An Application Letter In Word?

In a job application, an application letter or a cover letter briefly describes your personal information and qualifications. When you apply for a job, you don't just bring your resume with you. You should also bring your application letter. The letter is like a summary of all the details you wrote in your resume. Thus, an application letter can also be an overview of your resume. With that said, it's best to ensure that your application letter explains how deserving you are to be part of a successful team.

To guide you in writing an impressive application letter, here are tips for teaching you how to do it using MS Word.

1. List Your Requirements And Skills

Before you write your application letter using MS Word, make a two-column sheet. Then, list both the requirements and your skills or any other qualifications. Afterward, compare your skills with the indicated job requirements. Always remember that you have a broad skill set. You can sing, write, read, speak, calculate, etc. However, you're only meant to pick the best ones. In which case, you'll need to determine the appropriate ones. The appropriate skills or qualifications you should include are those that match the requirements. Doing so is useful when you're applying for a job. Feel free to refer to our list templates to guide you accordingly.

2. Lay Out Personal Details Completely

Make sure to place your personal information at the top-most part of your application letter. Your personal information includes your complete name, your specific address, phone number, email address, own website, and your job site (LinkedIn or Mynimo) profile. Since you want to make it easy for the employer to contact you, then make sure you indicate your complete personal details. For more references, take a look at our resume templates and learn how to lay your personal details down.

3. Determine Your Format

There are several examples of business letter formats such as full-block, modified-block, semi-block, etc. The full-block form has no indentions while the semi-block style has indentions. A full-block style is where you align all the details and sections to the left. On the other hand, the modified-block style and semi-block style does not indent some details and parts to the left. The modified-block and semi-block format make your letter look neat and organized. However, a full-block style makes a smooth eye-scanning for your readers.

4. Write An Engaging First Paragraph

Especially when you're a fresh graduate who's applying for a job, make sure to write an engaging first paragraph. Be reminded that hiring managers will scan your job application letter and quickly decides whether it's for trash or keeps. Whether you're applying for a summer job, internship, or regular employment, you should also make sure that all paragraphs in your application letter are engaging. For you to make a persuasive first paragraph, state your excitement for the job offer. Then, be specific with the things that attracted you to the job. Also, tell the hiring manager that you're not just familiar with the work, but also highlight how deserving you are.

5. Explain How You Can Be An Asset

Always answer the hiring manager's question, "What's in it for me?" You should know that there is a reason for the job vacancy and that there is a problem that needs to be solved. You should also express that you are willing to solve the problem. In addition to your skills, include your achievements and relevant work experience. If possible, include any leadership involvements.

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