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How To Create Complaint Letters In Google Docs?

Even though complaint letters are composed of bad feedback toward the products and services of a certain company, the tone has to stay formal, not threatening. All information you include in your letter must be reasonable and you ensure formal documents for proof.

If you are a busy person with various schedules to follow, Google Docs is suitable for you. With this, you don't have to download nor install software for you to use it, all your needs are accessible in your browser. Less to worry about the technical errors such as battery outsource and device lagging because every change you do in your document will be automatically saved.

Have you wondered what information to include in a complaint letter?
Got some answers for you below. Read on the tips stated.

1. Name, Position, Name Of Company, Address Date

Most of the complaint letters are aligned on the left side of the page. On the upper part, don't miss to write the name to whom you'll address the letter, the position or the job title, the name of the company the person's currently working with, the company address, and the date.

Refer to our Free Complaint Letter above which addresses complaints about bad customer service, observe how it is being formatted.

2. Flowery Words Aren't Welcome

Be unequivocal yet reasonable in writing your complaint letter. If you feel dissatisfaction with the product offered or experienced bad service and disrespectful behavior from staff or employees, specifically explain each factor that concerns it.

Look at the Free Business Complaint Letter To Supplier template above, enclosed with brackets are the necessary details that you need to state in your letter. Provide specifics to concretely structure your unsatisfactory statement.

3. Open For Resolution; Ask For Specific Actions

Your aim is to address your concerns and for the deemed offender to take action toward it. Thus, you state in your complaint letter your likeness to ask for resolutions and the span of time that you're willing to wait in accordance with both your personal and working schedule. Be stern in your writing tone so that they will seriously take action over it.

4. Provide Proofs

These are the most important documents to provide for your complaint to legally make sense. Be sure that your pieces of evidence are substantial and must be highly probable of becoming true. These proofs are necessary to put conviction to your charge.

Documents of complaints also serve as a warning letter to an offender or to the involved company.

5. Provide Means Of Communication

At the end part of your letter, don't miss to add your contact number or email address for them to update you on the status of your complaint and to further come up with reasonable agreements.

6. Avail A Template And Customize It With Google Docs

Lastly, if you aren't sure on how to effectively write complaint letters, refer to our professionally written letter templates and customize it with Google Docs.

You will no longer have a hard time customizing it because each template has a guide to where you should put the essential details needed for your complaint letters.

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