How to Create a Marketing Letter In Google Docs

Like most letters, they consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, depending on its primary purpose. Marketing letters are no exception to this. You have to use this as an advertising medium to ensure the success of your company. Statistics in the HubSpot website reveals that 40% of most companies consider a return of investment in marketing activities as one of their top challenges when advertising their product to the general public. With that said, we have some essential steps in creating a sample letter that will help you achieve your business goals.

1. Have A Purpose

Come up a clear purpose of what your company wants to achieve. It should be doable by everyone. Establishing a substantial purpose will help build the foundation of your business plan to succeed and prosper in the years to come with proper direction and guidance.

2. Introduction Is Key

After providing an important agenda for your proposal letter's purpose, it's time to get down with your presentation. Write an introduction for the sake of formalities. Don't forget to address your full name, position in the company, and the company you're representing. Lastly, add a brief statement as to why you made this letter. Don't worry; you can proceed with your explanations for the next step of this procedure.

3. Time To Explain

After creating a short and straightforward introduction for your simple letter, explain the product your company wishes to advertise in the body of the message. You may elaborate and connect it to your company's primary agenda. Describe the benefits of the products and services offered for the general public based on its primary function and interest in today's current trends to win management over.

4. Provide a Conclusion

Now, we move to the last portion of your printable letter—your conclusion. After elaborating everything necessary for your product or service's purpose, never forget to conclude to everything and hope for the approval of your strategy before taking action.

5. Review and Take Action

Review the content of your letter of intent, so you can revise it when necessary. Send your letter to your prospective clients to make your marketing plans a reality.

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