How to Make a Marketing Proposal in Google Docs

Commonly, marketing professionals use a marketing proposal to present or promote a business campaign, projects or events to clients for further discussion. Marketing proposals may contain strategy concepts, completion period, and estimated expenses before the conditions are finalized and approved agreement is signed.

A proposal is tailored to serve the company objectives of a client, designed to convince a prospect to become a client and may be suited to a marketing type, such as a proposal for digital marketing.

This brief guide will show you some useful and relevant tips on how to craft an effective marketing proposal.

1. Conduct Research about the Client

To better understand your client's needs, it is a smart idea to have a research about them. Take some time performing a customer target audience research, market research, products and services, previous and existing financial information, keywords or subjects, and other useful information. During your research, identify what are the client's challenges and other factors that may relate to them. Discovering their primary concern provides you a deeper knowledge of how to market your goods or services as the ideal solution to their issues.

2. Follow an Organized Structure

Your market proposal has to be organized and must follow a logical outline to achieve a more coherent content. Start with the problem statement which shows that you understand the client's concern. Next is the proposed solution wherein you provide a list of recommendations along with benefits. Also, do not forget to include pricing information. You need to classify and clarify all the details related to your pricing structure and how you come up with it.

3. Enumerate a Scope of Work

As a planner, one of your marketing strategies is to elaborate your scope of work. You need to have a marketing proposal that is detailed enough to present your services. The proposal must satisfy marketing demands that clients may not have the time or resources needed to develop a company or attain certain objectives.

According to an article, for a digital marketing proposal, scope of work may include making a social media content calendar, uploading or automating posts and analyzing social metrics.

4. Be Concise

Although you are crafting a formal business plan, do not be tempted to use technical terms that might confuse your client and avoid a very formal tone. It is best to connect with your prospective client in a friendly way while expressing your teamwork in simple and easy terms. Just a tip, do not write a lengthy proposal as much as possible make a concise summary.

5. Use Google Docs in Writing your Marketing Proposal

Using Google Docs, writing your marketing proposal can be a hassle-free one. Google Docs is a great tool for typing papers, creating digital presentations, and sharing documents. Once you create your document, Google Docs instantly saves your file. It is Google's free, internet-based office suite and data storage system. It also has sources that enable users to use a word document, presentation, spreadsheets, etc. All are free and convenient to utilize and offers the opportunity to share files.

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