What Is a Menu Board?

Admit it! We always check a menu whenever we visit our favorite restaurants, coffee shops or cafes that's because menus play an important role in every restaurant due to the fact that they serve as an instrument on what shall we eat or order. When we look at a menu and see the names and price list of the dishes that we've been craving all day, your mind and soul will totally be at peace.

How to Make an Attractive Menu Board

menu board template

If you think that you still don't how to create or design an attractive menu or you're still a newbie creating a menu for your newly opened restaurant, then today is your lucky day because we will teach you some guides and tips on how to create a printable menu for your customers and gain more likes and support. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Prioritize the Best Seller

In creating or designing a food menu, make sure you prioritize the best-selling items of your restaurant because people tend to look at them first compared to the other products you served. Aside from prioritizing your best-seller, you may prioritize also the most affordable dish you have in your restaurant or in your coffee shops considering some of your customers are students who are saving their allowances.

2. Design Your Menu Properly

There are a variety of ways on how to design your menu. You may have a simple but adorable chalkboard menu in your coffee shops or you may have a digital menu in your restaurant. Just make sure that you create a simple menu for your customers for them to read what is written on it easily. Don't use dark and neon colors in designing your menu, instead use light colors.

3. Choose Readable Fonts

Make sure you choose a simple and readable font for your food menu. Bear in mind that not all of your customers have perfect eyesight. You may have a nearsighted customer or an elderly customer who is struggling in reading your menu so be considerate and always think what's best for the customers. According to the one research, about 74 percent of people stated that easy-to-read menu boards are their top priority.

4. Categorize your Menu

In your menu, you should categorize it properly. For instance, if your selling chickens then make sure that in that specific category, they are all chickens. Don't mix it with the desert or the pasta so that your customers won't get confused about the dishes that are written on your elegant menu.

5. Think Like a Customer

As the old saying goes, "the customers are always right." that's why you may already be an owner of a restaurant but still, you must think like one of your customers. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can even apply certain psychological tricks or strategies to really influence how your customers look at your menu boards and your food establishment as a whole.

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