Board Letter Templates

Enhance Communication with Board Members with Documents Prepared Using's Free Board Letter Templates. Each Sample Contains Professionally Written Formal Content to Welcome New Members, Resignation, and Application References to Nonprofit Organizations, Schools, and More. Whether Long or Short Content, You Can Find a Wide Selection That You Can Download and Edit Easily!See more

What Is a Board Letter?

A board letter is a type of letter that an organization or company's board uses. A board member can use it as a resignation letter, a holiday letter (e.g. Christmas, Thanks Giving), and others. 

How to Create a Board Letter

Whether you're a company, school, or church board member, you can follow the tips below to help you write a well-written board letter.

1. Determine the Purpose

There can be different reasons why someone may need to write a simple letter. Maybe, you've felt the need to leave your position and decided to resign. Odds are, it's a holiday and you want to extend your greetings. Regardless, make sure that you know your main objective in writing the letter first.

2. Elaborate Your Message

Now, it's time to relay your message on the letter. Carefully identify what kind of message you need to deliver. For instance, a board resignation letter may need details such as the effective date of resignation and reason for leaving the position. 

Additionally, make sure that your content is complete before you send it to avoid problems or questions from the recipient.

3. Be Clear

A formal letter has to show clarity. A clear board letter will make the letter more readable and understandable. In fact, people won't have all the time in the world to read your letter. So, to save them time, write your message clearly.

4. Use Formal Language

Formality is vital in any organization or company. It shows respect and unbiased language, and it means it's the perfect language to use. To keep your letter formal, write a letter without using colloquial terms or informal words. 

5. Download a Template

When you want to save time but still have a professionally written letter, using a sample letter template will do. Templates are great time-savers, so they're perfect for anyone who's busy to develop a letter from scratch. We have different board letters above to choose from. Each template functions differently, so choose the letter that fits your purpose. 


  • What do you do with a letter board?

      You can use a letter board for different fun ways. Check them out below.

      1. Display quotes.
      2. Write a holiday message.
      3. Write a Bible verse.
      4. Greet friends or family on their birthdays.
      5. List your menu.
  • How does a letter board work?

      A letter board has slots where a changeable letter can fit. You can arrange the letters to form words.

  • What is a writing board? 

      A writing board is a flat surface where you can write anything. 

  • What is the difference between formal and informal letter?

      Formal letters are for business use. People in a corporate or formal setting use formal letters to communicate. These letters contain formal language and follow a particular format. Oppositely, informal letters are usually for family, relatives, or friends. Informal letters don't use formal language.

  • What are the types of formal letter?

      There are different types of formal letters. Read some of them below.

      1. Academic Letter
      2. Acknowledgement Letter
      3. Admission Letter
      4. Board Letter
      5. Cover Letter
      6. Career Letter
      7. Complaint Letter
      8. Credit Letter
      9. Disciplinary Letter
      10. Eviction Letter
      11. Internship Letter
      12. Loan Letter
      13. Motivation Letter
      14. Rental Letter
      15. Transfer Letter