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What Are Board Meeting Minutes?

These are the type of meeting minutes that are specifically made whenever a meeting between the board of directors of a corporation or organization takes place. Since the human mind is always at risk of losing information as illustrated in The Curve of Forgetting, meeting minutes are used to hold a record of all the topics discussed as well as tasks that were successfully done or have been failed to accomplish and must be resolved in future discussions.

How to Create a Board Meeting Minutes?

1. State Who Participated

This is very important considering that a business meeting between the board of directors usually leads to decisions that affect an entire organization or corporation. So what you will need to do is to list down the complete names of those who participated as well as their job position titles. Also, you will have to point out on your corporate minutes the names of the members of the board that were not able to attend.

2. Provide the Basic Details

Start by pointing out the exact location in which the meeting place. Make sure to put in the complete address when doing this. Next is to take note of the people present, you can also refer to an attendance sheet if you're using one. When writing down the date, include the month, day and year. As for the time, just be sure to put in the exact hour and minute in which the meeting started and ended.

3. State Any Acceptance or Corrections of Previous Meeting Minutes

If this is still the first time, it is not necessary to include this in your board of directors meeting minutes. But if you've held multiple meetings already, then you will need to ask for the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting while indicating the names of the people who approved it. If there were any corrections made, then you will have to write those down as well.

4. Share the Agenda of the Current Meeting

This is where you will be writing down all of the things that the participants in the board meeting will hope to accomplish during their discussion. Coming up with a basic plan can greatly help you in organizing the things to be discussed during the meeting. Be sure to provide clear and understandable descriptions for each item in the meeting agenda when writing them down into the meeting minutes.

5. Point Out the Decisions Made

Start by making a meeting checklist of the things that were discussed and agreed by the board of directors. If any of the actions had to be voted on, then provide details such as who made the motion, who seconded and approved, how many voted, etc. Next is for you to point out any new items that were discussed in the current meeting and any of the existing ones had to be carried over to the next. Again, remember to provide detailed descriptions for each item that you put into the document.

6. Provide Details on the Next Meeting

Your sample meeting minutes should indicate the venue as it is possible that the next meeting may be held in a different location. Then provide the exact date and time in which it will take place. This will be very helpful in the event that any of the board of directors be reminded as to when and where the next meeting between them will happen.

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