Board Resignation Letter Templates

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"Au Revoir!" "Adios!" "Ciao!" These are some ways to say goodbye. But how do you express it formally, especially when you want to step down from your position as a board member or any high ranking position in a company? Our ready-made Board Resignation Letter Templates are excellent for you to use. It contains suggestive headings and well-written content produced by our team of professional writers. Plus, it's 100% editable and printable. You can modify them using formats available on this page like MS Word, PDF, Google Docs, or Apple Pages. Get your copy now and create a letter that opens new horizons in your career.

How to Write a Board Resignation Letter?

We cannot deny that there is a possibility that some members of the board will resign from their position for several reasons. And if you are a board member reading this article right now, it might be hard for you to decide or even express how to say goodbye to this career opportunity. But there is no need for you to worry. We've created steps to help you write the perfect resignation letter you can use when you're ready to step down.

1. Use Your Favorite Editing Tool 

Pick the software you are most comfortable using. You can use either MS Word, Google Docs, or Apple Pages. These editing programs contain tools and features that allow you to write any written document.

2. State Your Reasons for Leaving

When you begin writing your letter, go straight to the point. Reiterate your reasons for leaving your position. You need to let your comrades know why you wish to resign because it might affect their role that oversees the school, business, or church. 

3. Thank Your Comrades Heartily

Whether you butt heads with some board members or agree with them during meetings, remember to thank them politely in your simple letter.

4. Don't Forget the Format

Make your printable letter formal by using the right format and the correct elements of letter writing. Without these two, you are just like writing an ordinary or an informal letter. Remember, this is a professional setting, so you have to use correct formatting.  

5. Send It

You can send your resignation letter in person, or you can send it through email. Should you wish to send the message through electronic mail, attach your email signature to make it even more professional. 


  • Who are board members?

      Board members are elected representatives of a corporation's board of directors or an organization's supervisory board. A company's board of directors is the governing body entrusted with decisions relating to the heading of the company.

  • What are the roles of the board members?

      1. Executing the purpose, mission, and vision of the company.
      2. Overseeing the financial status of the organization.
      3. Protecting the reputation of the company. 
      4. Implementing, planning, and assessing goals and plans.
      5. Creates a strategy for maintaining the establishment.
      6. Serves through handling committees or departments.

  • What is a board resignation letter?

      It is a formal, written form of communication. In it, the board member wishes to inform its comrades that he or she is stepping down from his or her position due to specific reasons. 

  • Why do board members resign?

      There are several reasons why board members resign. Here are a few common reasons below: 

      1. Conflict of interest
      2. Issues with the line of position
      3. Personal reasons
      4. Opinions and principles are different
      5. An organization is experiencing a financial crisis
      6. Looking for another opportunity or growth
      7. Clashing of attitudes
      8. Other interests

  • What should you mention in your resignation letter?

      Here are a few points you have to mention in your resignation letter:

      1. The reasons why you want to resign.
      2. Offering them support and help for proper transitions.
      3. Thanking the team for your growth and opportunity.
      4. When you wish to resign formally.