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How to Make A Nanny Contract?

Making a nanny contract, even one of the simplest form of an employment contract could get a bit inconvenient. Aside from the basic information, a nanny contract, Rocketlawyer.com said it outlines how they are to care for the children. This part of the contract is broken down to house rules, discipline guidelines, health and diet information, and transportation requirements. To organize all these small parts into a comprehensive contract here's a guideline in making your nanny contract.

1. Employer and Employee

Basically, start your contract by including the employer and nanny's name in the agreement. Both parties must know in details the content of the agreement. Make sure that the names of the parties are easily recognized in the contract if possible the names are typed in bold letters and legible. Don't forget to put the proper signature line after all of the texts. So that the parties will know where to affix their signatures.

2. Outline Terms

Nanny contract should include the following: start date, work site address, work schedule, job responsibilities, compensation, tax, holidays and day-off. These are the basic components of a nanny contract however some families include the following: restrictions, house rules, and additional duties. You could add your own condition according to your need in your household and briefly discuss them in the contract.

3. Reasons for Termination

To avoid confusion, include the items in which your nanny can be fired. This is to guide them on what is acceptable and not in your household. You also discuss in the contract your expectations such as advance notice if your nanny plans to leave the job. Any breach in the contract is ground for termination. State them clearly to avoid uncertainty.

4. Salary Raise

Since you are able to cite expectations to your nanny, you can include conditions when they'll get salary raise. This could be very helpful to your nanny so they can set their goals and exceed your expectations. A salary raise could motivate your nanny in the daily tasks that they perform. Set the term and boundaries properly.

5. Review Duties

If there are changes in your house and if that affects your nanny's job you can update the contract. Also, let your nanny know their performance. You can let them know your review on their work, not only monitor them but also to guide them as they perform their day to day duties in your household. This also could affect your contract and could be a reason for the changes in your simple agreement.

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