Employment Contracts Templates

Companies Who Hire Employees Need to Have Copies on Hand of an Employment Contract. Download Yours Free from Download Customizable Basic, Standard, Short, or Simple Employment Contract Samples That Cover Details of Provisions on Salary, Job Description, and Termination. Use This Template for Employees, Including Teachers and Contractors.See more

When you are about to enter into legal transactions, you need to have a legitimate document that would set the rights of both you and the other party.  If you are looking for a template document file that would cater to your transaction needs, why can't you make use of our high-quality, customizable, and printable Employment Contract Templates that are ready-made for your use? All of our available templates are easy for you to use, for you can easily edit it following the basic standard contract formats like Word, Pages,Google Docs. If you wish to print our templates, we render you a format of A4 & US Letter Sizes. Maximize your productivity by using these ready-made contract templates.  

What Is An Employment Contract? 

An employment contract a formal document that is used to sign an agreement between an employee and an employer. This document is utilized to establish both the rights and responsibilities of the two parties—the worker and the company. Usually, the employment contract contains terms and conditions such as wages and salaries, schedules, duration of employment, benefits, and general responsibilities. 

How To Create An Employment Contract

A legitimate employment contract provides precise information or terms and conditions that protect you as a hiring officer in case of possible salary disputes, termination, or resignation. Your employment contract serves as your evidence in any of your sample agreements and transactions between you as an employer and an employee. For you to get guided, you can refer to our gathered guide on how you can create your employment contract.

1. Recognize The Parties Involved

You can't have any formal contract without having any counterparties that are involved. Before you start having a contract, you need to determine first the parties involved in the agreement. You have to take notes on their basic information, and the nature of having them as an employee. Verify the information you have gathered before you involve yourself and execute your negotiations.

2. Specify The Job Description 

When you already determined the parties that are involved in your employment contract, your next move would be particularizing the job offer in your contract agreement. Specify the job details by outlining the task that your future employee would partake. You have to include in your contract the nature of the job, training duration, the regularization period, and the qualities for promotion. You can also specify job validity primarily if it is intended for a contract based job.

3. Include The Terms And Conditions

Standard contracts are bound to legal premises. With this, you have to mention all the terms and conditions of your employment contract. Remember that you have to mention all the details, such as the grounds for termination and sanctions. You have to keep confidentiality in your simple contract document for you to avoid the risk of a contract breach.

4. Use Our Available Templates

For you to maximize your time and effort on having an employment contract, feel free to browse on our available templates that you can fully utilize in your agreement transaction. We guarantee you that all of our templates files are editable and printable with the use of Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages application. 

5. Review And Present Your Contract 

For you to avoid the risk of misunderstanding upon your transaction, make sure that your other party could be able to grasp the content of your contract. Ensure that both of you would go through with the entire step-by-step points for necessary revisions on the content. That is why it is also highly suggested to have your written draft presented to the other party for review purposes. Lastly, make sure that your contract adheres to the legal foundation of contracts and agreements.