Party Admission Ticket Templates

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What is a Party Admission Ticket?

Most events will allow guests to attend without having a party admission ticket. But other events, like music fests or sports fests, guests will have to purchase a party admission ticket to enter the event. Admission tickets are documents that used as proof that the ticketholder is allowed in the vicinity of the concert, party, festival, or other events. Tickets are almost always sold by event organizers; however, due to the growing number of internet users, tickets can now be purchased online. Some people may also keep their party admission ticket as a memorabilia of the event they attended.

How to Create a Party Admission Ticket


party admission ticket template

If you are organizing an event, it is a must to make your guests look forward to the event plan. Create beautifully designed party admission tickets to build enthusiasm from guests and participants. This article lists down all the tips and tricks to creating a party admission ticket that will turn your party into an awesome and memorable event.  

1. Type of Party Admission Ticket

The first step in making a party admission ticket is determining what type it is. Admission tickets can vary from ‎event tickets, raffle tickets, masquerade tickets, dance tickets, festival tickets, pool tickets, and birthday invitation tickets. Determining the type of ticket you are going for will serve as a perspective of the content, design, and feel of the physical ticket.  

2. Party Details

Tickets are small and compact invitation-like documents. There will be guests that are particular with the details of the admission ticket. Party admission tickets, whether it be a raffle, movie, or graduation ticket, should include the basic details like the date and time, the venue, and the name of the event. However, some tickets would include the name of the host or the performing artists if applicable.

3. Ticket Terms and Conditions

Ticket terms and conditions are not necessary but can be utilized. Terms and conditions can be found or placed on the back of the ticket. Some party admission tickets would include a dress code specification, validity of the ticket, and any special privileges that come along with the ticket. Admission tickets from huge or influential parties are the tickets that will typically input terms and conditions. 

4. Branding Element

Party admission tickets can be useful for brand recognition. Typically, party admission tickets would use elements to represent the brand. Branding elements can be the company name or logo. Events that are under any sponsorship programs by companies will always include their logos on the ticket design.  

5. Design Ticket

Do not distribute plain party admission tickets. Its design will surely influence the event's reputation and the event organizer. It is preferable that the design of the ticket will reflect the theme of the event. For example, if it is an Oscars-themed party, then the design should be glamorous and glittery. The fonts should be relevant and easy to the eyes. You can also add one photo on the ticket if you like, just make sure that it is in high resolution. You can also download ticket templates with a ready-made design that will fit your event.