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What Is a Sales Plan?

A sales plan is a key business document in the procedure of sales management and strategic process. A sales plan orderly lays out your intended objectives and goals, business strategies, target market, and potential hindrances. It presents your action plan goals and how you will eventually reach them with the help of a step-by-step process.

This type of plan is in its core similar to a marketing plan, which "is your macro, big-picture strategic plan," while a sales plan mostly centers on your business's sales tactics when dealing with selling your products and services to a target market. Most business leaders like entrepreneurs, sales executives, and sales managers highly benefit from writing one-page sales or other business plans, may it be for their business, their department, or their team.

How to Create a Sales Plan in PDF

1. A Missionary and a Visionary, and Their Background

What do you want to reach, and what do you hope for? The key factor to a successful business is envisioning a goal and establish a mission. Begin your business document by jotting down the mission and the vision statement of the company, and do include a brief history of the company. You can't write a mission and vision statement without possibly detailing briefly how these came to be mixed with the struggles and achievements the company or business had faced to reach the land where it is standing at this time.

2. Team Members Unite!

You may have your ideas and goals in mind, but doing them alone is nearly impossible. As they say, no man is an island. In the business world, you need a team or staff members to help set your goals and plans in motion. Enumerate each individual on your team and list down their respective job titles in the business plan files. For example, you might place the title "Social Media Manager" beside the name Courtney Cox.

3. The Intended Target Market

Whether you are writing a sales training plan or a new product report, you must be keen on your target audience. Who are your customers? What do they look like? What are their interests? How many are they? Ponder on these questions daily to fully understand your target market and mold your products to suit their preferences. Keep in mind that each buyer is different from one another and has different tastes. However, all of this is not absolute and may be subject to change. In the beginning, your target market might love shampoo bottles but eventually prefers shampoo bars.

4. Sales Strategy and Plan of Action

In this section, you must describe in detail your sales strategies like your pricing for a commissioned product or any promotions you are planning to implement to achieve an intended goal for the annual sales of a certain product. Do detail actions that will you take to increase your brand's visibility and awareness and thus generate leads and achieve a certain sales and marketing impact.

5. Monetary Means

The last thing you need to consider is the growth and motion of the financial budget you intend for the plan. Describe the budget and the cost associated with hitting your intended weekly, monthly, or yearly sales goals. The budget section usually includes the pay (salary and commission), sales training, sales tools and resources, contest prizes, team bonding activities, travel costs, and food. Take note of everything in the procedure, and you will do fine!

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