How to Make a Sales Invoice in PDF

If you are running a business to business (B2B), it is given that you need to generate invoices to your customers as your cash flow would solely depend to it. But, there are instances wherein your clients would tend to overlook the invoice that you send. Why? One of the main reasons is that your invoice might be incompetent. So, to make sure that your clients would pay on time, follow these simple tips in making a sales invoice.

1. Make it Understandable

You wanted your clients to settle their payments, so make sure that your invoice is understandable. Keep your invoice simple as it would be an effective way to know what they are billed for. List the products or services that customers purchase. Avoid business jargons. For instance, instead of indicating the product number, you can write the full name of the product.

2. Address your Clients Properly

According to statistics, over $300,000 is spent on duplicate invoices. This would greatly affect your business, so you need to avoid it by addressing your clients properly. Indicate the full information of your client. If you are doing a business to business transaction, indicate the business name, logo, and contact information.

3. Clarify Payment Terms

As we are on the topic of payment, you need to clarify to your clients as to what would be the payment terms. Depending to your financial needs, you need to complement the payment terms in favor of both parties. If your finances are requiring you to settle payment terms not exceeding to 30 days, you need to decrease the days of payment. With that, you need to make sure that your clients fully understand by explaining it to them.

4. Payment Method Flexibility

To issue official receipt to your clients as soon as possible, do not limit yourself into enclosed payment methods, rather explore with other methods that you can include in your service invoice. Setting up more options for your clients means the higher possibility that you will be paid as they would feel comfort in doing so.

5. Include Early Payment Incentives

Who does not want incentives in paying early or on time? This tip is highly encouraged as it is proven that your clients would immediately settle their payments if rewards will be given. Decide on a particular payment period that your incentives are valid. Make sure to make this visible into your invoice.

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