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How to Create Presentations in Illustrator?

Visual presentations, such as slides, videos, and graphics, aid a speaker in presenting a particular topic of focus. These tools are supplementary in making a report or proposal more engaging. However, there are misconceptions with its uses. TED talks are now widespread in digital media because of its use of public speaking to spread knowledge about various topics. Chris Anderson, curator of the global TED talks, listed down ways on how to ace a presentation based on his experience. The steps he presented were not as challenging as you anticipate it to be.

1. Make an Outline

Before drafting your presentation, make sure that you have all the ideas and details covered. To do so, create an outline determining the broad topics, supporting information, and examples that are essential for the presentation. This list will ultimately make the process of developing the presentation uncomplicated. Additionally, it can also double as your talking points as you go through and present your report or proposal pitch.

2. Gather Media to Emphasize Point

Since you already have a list of the things to discuss, you can then gather pictures or short video clips to emphasize some points in your talk. Photographs can best explain some topics or videos. Photographs usually present art methods and techniques to translate effectively. But, do take note that any forms of media files are only supplementary to the presentation. As supporting tools, videos should only be short clips and not full-on lectures about your topic.

3. Be Smart with Statements

When you decide that the pictures you have are enough, you can start making your presentation slides. It is crucial to avoid statements in the presentation that mirrors what you say during the report. Ideally, your slides will only contain fewer words and more figures like charts and graphs, which are comprehensive and easy to understand. This principle goes for both academic reports and corporate business conferences. You would not want to leave an idea to your panel that you are only reading your paper to them.

4. Effective Color Scheme

It is not enough to report exciting content. It is also vital to present it in a visually appealing and creative method. You can show creativity in your powerpoint presentations by making use of varied font styles and sizes. And to further attract attention, make use of an appropriate color scheme. The colors of the slides should be according to its purpose. Official project proposals and thesis presentations work best with neutral colors, which make the text clear and easy to read. This is an important principle in any graphic material.

5. Present the Team

A presentation will never be successful without the minds that molded ideas together. Thus, it is essential to include in your slides the people behind the success. In business budget proposals, the description of each team member should contain their highlight credentials. Adding this information can make your proposal presentation more credible. For school activities, on the other hand, it is also vital to acknowledge the contribution of each member of the group to the project

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