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What Is a Quinceanera Invitation?

A Quinceanera is a celebration of a girl's 15th birthday. So a quinceanera invitation is a way of inviting guests for said celebration.

How to Make a Quinceanera Invitation

quinceanera invitation template

In planning birthday celebrations, we want to be hands-on in doing things. Of course, we want to do our best in organizing for an event that's close to our hearts. As much as possible, we want that we have a grasp even in the least details. Making a birthday invitation is easy; just follow these steps so you'll be guided.

1. Plan the Event

Before an event invitation will take place, everything should be carefully planned beforehand. In helping you plan a quinceanera celebration, list down all of the things and tasks that need to be prepared. A checklist will be handy in planning an event. Secure a checklist and also draft an outline of a program. Divide the time of the day and allow an activity to the respective time slot that you chose. Try to think of the theme of the party, people you will invite, and the location.

2. Select a Design

In choosing your modern invitation design, if you have a client work closely to your clients, ask them what they want for the quinceanera. If you are making an invitation card for a personal reason, then select a design that will suit your theme. There are many invitation templates available online that you can easily download. Yet this website offers high-quality and printable invitation templates. But the best invitation cards are those personally made and customized for your quinceanera celebration.

3. Choose Theme

Selecting the design for your invitation card, as you know, depends on the theme of your party. In choosing a theme for your quinceanera, choose something that's close to your heart and resonates to you more. You have the freedom to pick your theme. It can be princess themed, rustic chic themed, or royal ascot themed party. When you have chosen a theme, you can now work closely to it. Stick to your theme while you are making your invitation card. Once you are decorating your quinceanera invitation, always make it relevant to your theme.

4. State Your Message

Invitations will lose its purpose if you don't write the details needed on it. You must never forget to write the "what," "when," and "where" in your invitation. State in your sample invitation card what you are celebrating so that your guests won't be confused. Is it a birthday party, a christening, or what? Next, state the "when" in your invitation and that includes the date and time of the celebration. Lastly, don't forget to state the "where" so that your recipients will know the location of your party. To summarize everything in this part, you must never forget to state every important detail in your invitation. Since it is a special event, make it more special by making a room for special messages. You can include in your invitation cards special messages or quotations.

5. Print Your Quinceanera Invitation

After you have completed the design and the message, then you can already print your quinceanera invitations and distribute it to your guests. Make sure you use high-quality paper stock in printing your invitation, but if you want your printable invitation to be sent in through e-mails or online, then use high-resolution formats for quality purposes.

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