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What is an Invitation Postcard?

An invitation postcard is any invitation to an event that is sent through a postcard.

How to Make an Invitation Postcard?

Given that you want people to be part in any event you have now, you can use a card to make sample invitations. If you want to be slightly unconventional, you can use a postcard to spread your invitations to your guests. Postcards are not just for advertisements and are not just there for the tourists to collect, you can also use postcards to invite. Here are some simple steps on how to make an invitation postcard:

1. Plan Your Event

Is your event a tea party, a bridal shower, a church celebration, a class reunion, a baby shower, a graduation, a birthday party, a wedding, an open house, a business grand opening, or a gala? In this phase, planning what your event will look like or how many guests are invited will help you before you can make your invitation postcard.

2. Design

Designs are very important for your creative invitations. You can choose from any theme that you want for your event. Make sure that your design and layout are reflected to your event. This way, your guests will know what to expect. For a formal event, use formal or modern designs. For a kid's birthday party, you can choose from different themes out there. Whatever event you have, make sure that your event designs will suit your event.

3. Invitation Wording

There a lot of ways on how to phrase your invitation. You can be formal, creative, funny, or witty, but whatever tone you have there, make sure that it will be very welcoming for your guests. For example, "You are invited to Jenny's 18th Birthday!" or "Join us in celebrating..."

4. Event Schedule

Once you have plotted your invitation wording, it is time to include your event's schedule. When will be the event or party will be held? Make sure to include the specific time of the event. Also, add the month and the date. Another thing, if your party is has a definite time frame, you can include that. For example, "the party is from 1:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m."

5. Event Location

Aside from the date, include where the event will be held. Be specific. Write the place. Is it in your house, a hotel, a restaurant, the beach, or a garden? Also, write the address of the place so that your guests will be guided. Never speculate that your guests already know the address or the place itself.


If you want to know if your guests are available or not available for your event or party, include an RSVP on your invitation postcard. This way your guests will respond if they can come or not come. RSVP's can be done through mails, emails, or phone. If you want to receive through phone, add your phone number. If you want to receive through your email, write your email address. Also, you give a specific date when they can submit their RSVP replies. Once you are done, you can now review your invitation. Make sure that everything is correct.

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