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What Is an Invitation Card?

An Invitation Card is a card containing a message of invitation to a formal or an informal occasion. It is sent to family, extended family, and friends. The manner of distribution can be through an email, a social media platform, or in person. An invitation card contains the details of the event, such as the purpose, time, date, location, theme, and attire.

Creative invitation cards create the first impression anyone will have regarding the event or celebration. It generates excitement, anticipation, and sets the overall tone for the game. Events that mostly require an invitation card are birthday parties, baptism, opening, housewarming, and farewell ceremonies.

When it comes to church invitations, 71% of non-churchgoers are more likely to attend church if the call came from a friend, family member, or colleague.

How to Create an Invitation Card?

As important as the actual event, the simple invitation card can make or break your event or celebration. For your occasion to be swarmed by guests, strive to make sure that your invitation card is impactful. Below, we will give you tips on how to create a captivating invitation card.

1. Have You Thought of the Design Yet?

Your card's design includes the responsible use of colors, typography, and the overall effect of the invitation card towards the recipient. Your motif should be related to your event's theme. Don't get carried away with beautifying your card---include white space in your card to maintain coherence.

2. What Is the Purpose of the Celebration?

No party can ever be made without a cause which mostly involves a person or a subject. Elegant invitation cards should always contain the name of the event, be it the birthday celebrant, the couple in a wedding, or the season such as summer parties and the like.

3. When Is the Celebration?

The date and time of any event should be made final even way before the event invitation is made. Changing the dates will discourage recipients from attending. It's advisable to send your messages at least two months before the big event so your guests could incorporate it into their schedules.

Also, add your contact information on the card, especially if you want them to RSVP you. This is for them to confirm or verify any other relevant queries regarding the event.

4. What Are They Wearing?

By mentioning the theme of your event, you make sure that all guests will wear the prescribed dress code for the occasion. This also gives them time to prepare and source out what to wear on the big day. You may also coordinate your occasion's theme to the invitation card's design so guests will pick up the cue.

However, don't just rely on the design of your printable invitation card, state it.

5. How Are You Sending It?

In this Digital Age, we have an electronic mailing or a social media platform as an alternative for direct mailing. If you are trying to reduce expenses, then it would be wise to send a digital or modern invitation. This choice only applies if all your guests have access to email and social media platforms.

If not, then you might have to stick to the traditional way of sending invites.

6. Have Your Reviewed Your Card Yet?

Double-check your sample invitation card for errors or missing information. Review the details in the invitation card if they are accurate. You may ask a friend or a family member to review the invitation for you.

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