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What Is a Sleepover Invitation?

Invitations are a key component of a good sleepover. They are the ingredient that tells you when, where and what to tell your potential guests. The more interesting the sample invitation is, the more enthusiastic it will be for your guests to come to the next sleepover.

How to Create a Sleepover Invitation

If you're a kid who wants to have his/her own sleepover party but doesn't know how to create his/her party invitation, then luckily you're on the right track. Written below are the step-by-step guide on how to create a cute invitation for your slumber party. Here's how:

1. Explain What Kind of Sleepover You are Hosting

In your sleepover invitation, explain what type of party you are hosting. Is it a sweet 16 birthday party sleepover? Halloween? Christmas? Boy's night out? A mermaid or unicorn-themed party? Or just a regular slumber party? Whatever type may be, make sure that you let your guests know so that they will be aware of what they're coming to!

2. Determine How many People are Invited

Figure out precisely how many persons you want to come for your sleepover party. Bear in mind that a sleepover works best if you have a tiny group of friends. As the old saying goes "Mother knows best", that is why it would be best if you consult your parents first who are the group of people they are suggesting.

3. Add the Date and Time

You must never forget to include in your sleepover invitation the date and time of the party so that your friends or your guests will know when you are throwing the party.

4. State the Destination

In your sleepover invitation, make sure that you also include the location where you will hold the party. In most cases, children and teens spend their sleepovers in their respective homes. But if you want your sleepover to be extraordinary, then you may hold it in hotels, pension houses, or resort as long as you have enough budget.

5. State any Special Information

Aside from the information mentioned above, you may also state in your event invitation any special information such as what to bring, what foods to eat and the fun activities or games that you want to achieve in your sleepover party. If you want your guests to bring extra pillows or sleeping bags, then state it in this part so that they will know. If your parents bring everyone home or pick them up before or after the party, make sure you also include it.

6. Tell your Guest to Respond Immediately

Your guests are required to receive their invites about one to two weeks before the party so that they still have enough time to check if they are available on that day and RSVP. RSVP is a French phrase, which stands for "réspondez, s'il Vous plaît." In English, that just means "Reply Please." Your RSVP might be your phone or home number or email address.

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