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What is a Rental Flyer?

A rental flyer is a flyer you can use to advertise your rental services. It is a reliable and effective method of getting customers to avail of your services provided you utilize it well.

How to Create a Rental Flyer

Creating a rental flyer can be a challenge despite it being a good advertisement method. You will need a good editing platform such as Photoshop, as well as a few ideas in editing. Here are a few tips, however, to help you with making stunning flyers.

1. Have an Engaging Header

You want to hook your customers right? Get their attention with a relevant and engaging header. Whatever your rental service (car hire, van, sound system, vacation house, etc.), if you're good at marketing your brand, you'll have a lot of success with your header which will lead to your customers reading more about you.

2. Flaunt Your Benefits

When you've hooked them with your header, your customers will be more eager to listen to how good your service is, so do your best to sell yourself using your rental flyer. Tell them about how well your van or car hire rental service is and how much quality the vehicle has, or how your bounce house rental services can lighten up any party for a low and negotiable price. Shower your clientele with as many benefits as your rental service provides while serving them reasons why they're better than the competition.

3. Include Contact Details

Interested customers will always find a way to contact you so do include your contact details in your rental flyer — fun fact; you can't sell your rental service if they can't call you over so you can offer your service. They will be curious about your descriptions, whether these are true, maybe even want to see what you can offer, the quality of your rentals and if they're really as good as you hyped them up to so be ready. One little tip is that when you add legitimate contact details (either yours or your company's) because it makes it seem more credible as people can be skeptical.

4. Have a Great Design

Now that you have what you want to write, it's time to add some flair to your rental flyer. Giving design to a flyer doesn't have to be too complicated and fancy. In fact, a simple color scheme and a few good pictures of your rental can be enough to make the flyer pleasing to the eye. A small tip you can try is using multi-color blends and criss-cross around your chosen picture to give a feeling of connection.

5. Utilize Both Sides

Don't expect all the information, design, and pictures to fit on one side. Try to (and you should) use the other side of the paper; this will not only allow you to utilize all parts of the paper, but it doesn't look good to just shoe-horn everything in on one side.

6. Finalize and Print

When you're done with everything, take a look at it and see if you like it. Make a few changes here and there if you want to, and tidy it up — remember that once you mass-produce your sample flyer, you can't take back any errors and you probably just wasted your resources so scan properly before you print.

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