What is a Rental Agreement Letter?

A rental agreement letter is a document that outlines the terms of renting a property, such as a house or a commercial space. This is a legally binding document between the tenant and the landlord.

How to Write a Rental Agreement Letter?

The American Housing Survey said that in 2015, there are more than 48 million rental units in the United States. With every lease transaction, landlords and tenants reach an agreement through a letter. This serves as a negotiation for both parties.

If you need some ideas in writing a rental agreement letter, read our tips below.

1. Express Appreciation

Tell the landlord that you appreciate his/her kindness of letting you rent his/her property. It brings the letter to a good start. Include the address of the property and your length of stay if needed.

2. Add Terms

Give some of the terms that you've agreed on verbally with the tenant. These can be the amount of deposit, the monthly rent, parking agreements, payment extension, termination clauses, and other stipulations. List them in bullet points in the document. You also have to be specific in writing this part of the letter. Make sure that all terms have the interest of both parties.

3. Describe the Needed Repairs

Specify the areas within the property that need repair. You can either pay for the repair or have the tenant do the task themself. This part of your simple letter may be left out if the property doesn't have any damage.

4. End with a Hopeful Tone

Wrap up the letter by saying that you're looking forward to having the tenant in your property. Provide spaces for signatures. This serves as proof that you both agree to the terms written in the letter.

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