Rental Termination Letter Templates

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How to Write a Rental Termination Letter?

Getting out of a lease depends on the type of agreement you have with the other party. Rent termination letters are used to cancel a rental agreement, with or without cause, and can be written by the tenant to the landlord, or by the landlord to the tenant. Make sure that you read your rental agreement thoroughly before drafting your rental termination letter, but in case you want to proceed, here are some tips to help you write the document:

1. Fill Out the Important Details

Even though there is no stipulation in your rental agreement regarding the lease termination process, it is important that you write a letter to your tenant or landlord to legally protect yourself in case of problems in the future. Include important details such as the date of your notice to vacate and the expected termination date of the rental.

2. Be Polite but Straightforward

State clearly that you are terminating the rental agreement to avoid confusion. Be polite and refrain from bringing up issues or complaints. Remember that if you are a tenant, you may need your current landlord for reference for your new rental. Keep in mind that the rental termination letter is not the final step before the tenant moves out and inspections need to be made. If you are breaking the lease agreement as a tenant, be prepared to endure additional repercussions, including loss of rent and deposit.

3. Include Contact Information

Reliable contact information is necessary upon ending the lease. This includes the forwarding address of the tenant, as this will be where the landlord will send your security deposit, if applicable.

4. Make the Letter Presentable

Be as professional as you can. Use good quality paper and print the letter in a clear and readable font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Make sure that the letter has been proofread and free of grammatical errors before you submit it as well. 


  • How do you terminate your rental agreement?

      As a tenant, you may submit a rental termination letter to your landlord or management company, discussing the termination, and if necessary, your reason for terminating the agreement. As a landlord, use a formal letterhead to write the rental termination letter to your tenant. Make sure that the reasons for terminating the agreement fall within the scope of the agreement to avoid any future problems.

  • What happens if the lease gets terminated?

      As a landlord, this effectively ends the rental agreement, and you can ask the tenant to move out of the property within a reasonable time. As a tenant, this will cut your lease and you will have to move out of the property to avoid getting evicted.

  • Are there ways to break the lease without penalty?

      If your reason for termination falls within the legal bounds of your agreement, then you don’t have to worry about penalties. If you cannot break your lease legally, then you may have to find a way to get out of the lease with minimal losses.

  • Is a rental termination the same as an eviction?

      No, a termination is merely asking the tenant to vacate the rental unit, while an eviction involves a court order and a lawsuit to have the tenant removed from the property.

  • Does a lease termination go on your official record?

      Only an unlawful detainer lawsuit will show up in public records, so a lease termination should not be part of the records.