Any content included in a report card or HR report card affects students and employees positively and negatively. Thus, presenting a properly-crafted report card is encouraged. Choose from one of our premium templates to create high-quality report cards for your school, institution, or organization. These files are ready-made and free to download anytime, anywhere, at any device. They are professionally designed and include all the necessary content needed to make a well-formatted and comprehensive report card for your students. The report templates are easily editable and 100% customizable in all versions of Apple Numbers. Why would you complicate things if you can easily avail and download any template you need today, right? 

How To Create A Report Card In Numbers?

A report card is not solely for academic purposes, it's also used by companies for the employee assessment. A report card is widely used as a representation of the student's performance in class. It composes of different details. First, under academic criteria and then the teacher's evaluation and analysis concerning all other unique factors on student's progress and lapses.

One challenge in creating this is to check if anyone can comprehend what it presents. Most of the content is presented through tables. Thus, it's better and easier if you use Apple Numbers with this. It has features that help you create spreadsheets effortlessly. If you faced difficulty in creating your report card, get learned from the tips we presented below.

1. Disregard Too Much Technicality

Report cards are a means of communication for both parents and teachers. A teacher should make report cards that are coherent to anyone's reach of comprehension. As possible, use simple words that will directly mean your point more precisely with the grading scale.

If you're a high school adviser, grading scales are typically presented with letter equivalent (A, B, C) based on a specific grade and concluded with a rating.

2. Coordinate Font Styles With Sizes

Accordingly, report cards are a visual presentation of individual performance. Thus, you have to choose readable fonts for people both in 20-20 vision and those who are experiencing slight visual impairment. Most of the teachers prefer Arial as the standard font style in 11 or 20 font sizes.

3. Input The Necessary Information

Report cards consist of the student's name, school grade/year he/she is currently part of, adviser, school year, specific quarter, section, subjects, grading scales, and more. This document must include grades merely an output of a thorough calculation rather than a simple estimation. Part of it is the individual's character rate.

4. Base The Design To Its Nature

As mentioned earlier, report cards are not only for educational purposes. Thus, when you choose designs for your cards, base it accordingly. If you're making an Annual Report (see the template above) the format and design vary. If you're in a corporate world, the approach is more formal than the typical school report card for preschoolers. If you know who your audiences are, it'll be easier to choose the appropriate design.

5. Check Its Uniformity

Create a report card that is eye-friendly and is properly organized. Before you print this card out, see to it that you've reviewed the information and the grades included. This is necessary for you to be prepared for further queries and clarifications. Other than that, be certain that your chosen card size can aid your details.

6. Try Our Well-Crafted Templates In Numbers

If creating report cards distresses you, choose from the variety of templates we present above then download what you need. These card templates are easily editable and are printable in Numbers.

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