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How to Make a Weekly Report in Apple Numbers?

Business reports are valuable tools used for analyzing and tracking the performance and health of a company or organization. Even though some offices have gone to paperless, reports remain an essential part of doing business. A well-documented and detailed report will disclose nuances that are related to the central business functions while making opportunities to improve and strengthen the company, as well as make market gains. Reports are essential in getting everyone on the same page, making quality business decisions, protecting your interests, setting a goal, etc. Reporting is a usual practice in the corporate arena wherein there are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.

The following are a few guidelines that you can follow in making a comprehensive weekly report:

1. Data Gathering

Before you head start with the writing process, you have to determine first the reason why you are going to make a report. You could either be working on a technical report based on a viable proposal, marketing report, safety report, project management report, or any other report. Determining the type of report that you are going to write allows you to be spontaneous in gathering the data.

In data gathering, always make sure that the data you find are appropriate and relevant. Putting unnecessary information in your report will mislead your readers or audience. Remember: the data you find will form the basis and the findings of your report.

2. Decide the Structure

Now that you have the information needed in making your report, it's high time for you to decide on its structure. Generally, reports have similar structures; however, some details may differ, which usually depends on the type of report, its length, and how formal it has to be. The general structure of a report starts with a title page which are followed by an executive summary, table of contents, an introduction, terms of reference, procedure, findings, conclusions, recommendations, bibliography, appendices, and the sections of the report that are numbered.

3. Make a Draft

Now that you know how you are supposed to structure your report, this is the right time for you to make a draft. In technical writing, you have to make sure that all necessary data are presented and adequately arranged, which you can achieve by outlining. Drafting allows you to determine what should be and what should be not included in your writing. Moreover, drafting will enable you to polish your work, thereby producing a well-documented report.

4. Analyze your Findings, Draw Conclusions, and Make Recommendations

Just like in thesis writing, the later chapter of your report should include conclusions and recommendations. You can conclude by analyzing and interpreting your findings. Remember, you are concluding what you have found; therefore, do not include any new information in this part of your report.

The recommendations of your report are what you think as the solution to the problem and/or what you think should happen thereafter. Recommendations should be written as a numbered list and should be ordered from the most to least significant.

5. Finalize

After you are done with drafting, you can now finalize your report. Check if you have accomplished what you were asked to do, if the information is accurate, if all terms, symbols, and abbreviations used have been explained, that any tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations, and graphs are labeled, etc. It doesn't matter if you have to prepare several drafts before you become satisfied, as long as you did your best to make it clear, comprehensive, and effective.

You can also use our weekly report template where all you have to do is to customize it and tailor-fit it according to your preference. If you are using an Apple device, we suggest that you use Apple Numbers in editing your report because aside from it is free; it also has excellent features that you cannot found in any other device.

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