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How to Make a Restaurant Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

When reaching out to target prospects, restaurant brochures are a useful marketing tool. Typically, it is used to convey relevant information about restaurant nutrition facts, restaurant menus, food catering, and other information related to restaurants. It includes extensive restaurant information that would be a perfect introduction to restaurant promotion. Restaurant brochures are indeed a handy tool to use and to distribute for your target prospects as they already provide all sorts of information that they can carry along, such as drive-thru menus or take-out menus. Planning an effective brochure would help your business expansion and marketing points.

If Adobe Illustrator is one of the versatile software in making your restaurant brochure, you can rely on our instructional guide below to help you steer everything out.

1. Determine What Kind of Brochure You Should Use

There are different ways to fold a brochure, and it is up to you to decide which fold works best for your material. There are many styles of brochures like the two-fold type, tri-fold style, gatefold, and Z-fold, and these are among the most widely known. Every type has its distinctive look and function. Choose one that is good for your information from among the styles for you to start the task.

2. Draft All of Your Restaurant Details

In contrast to the layout of a restaurant menu, advertising brochures should already come up with all of the essential information because customers take them home frequently. You must read and formulate your content for this purpose as your draft. You can draft every restaurant information from its takeaway menu down to your restaurant's call-to-action. Briefly plan all information and make sure to use bullets to summarize it all.

3. Gather Attractive Images

Naturally, images are necessary for every business brochures. Regardless of the nature of their purpose, images help to communicate a message, and they also promote their appearance. As you start adding pictures, you'll need to collect as much as you can and ensure all of these designs demonstrates the best food or the restaurant as a whole.

4. Use a Specific Brochure Template and Customize It

Rather than having to start from a new scratch, you can choose from our editable brochure templates above. These templates are designed and developed in a high-quality file format by our professional graphic designers. By using Adobe Illustrator, you can start working on the template by changing some of its details. The template is convenient for you to customize as well as adding texts and images, resizing elements, and even rearranging the entire layout. While inserting the email, make sure to add the contact details of the restaurant as well.

5. Preview and Print the Entire Design

Ensure that no information from your restaurant brochure is left out and make sure all the important details are already complete and free of any errors. It's important to double-check the quality of your advertisement and test for any inaccuracies. No matter how persuasive your cover pictures are, the credibility of your restaurant may depend on an error in your brochure's content. After checking everything in place, get your elegant brochure printed after reviewing your entire content.

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