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How to Make an Order in Google Sheets

An order form is a document that is being used in every huge or small business that are usually filled by customers who are asking for goods and services. A business form like this one is very reliable for business people since this is considered as a customer order tracking tool. Order forms are relevant for requesting vast amounts of products (wholesales) and services that are requested from wholesalers, manufacturers, or retailers. However, order forms are not only used in purchasing products, but it could also be used to request for delivery, order confirmations, construction change, and so on. Other examples of order forms include restaurant order, sales order, maintenance work order, and more. Order forms are an essential tool that businesses are using to ensure the allocations of goods and services as well as the fees. Without the help of order forms, the tracking expenses would be more difficult and more likely erroneous.

One of the most useful applications for order forms is Google Sheets. It has been said that almost 42% of businesses use spreadsheets to track their orders. For you to be guided, here are the following step-by-step instructions on how to make an order form in Google Sheets.

1. Use one of the Order Form Templates

As you start, look for a suitable order form template that would elaborate with your primary purpose. Order forms may vary in different types, so it is important to choose an appropriate order form template that is convenient for you to incorporate the service's important details. Make sure to use the template that has a Google Sheet format to avoid corrupting your document.

2. Attach Branding Elements

Branding elements are essential for your business to be determined easily. By using the template, do not forget to attach your business logo and company details on the upper-right corner of the document. These branding elements will signify the identity of the order form. Other than that, it also serves that the order form is an official document from your business. Do the same thing with your other business documents such as order sheets, work orders, and so on.

3. Provide Necessary Information

In this part, you will be providing the necessary information of both the buyer and seller or the client and the service provider. The essential information includes the following names, contact details, complete address, and e-mail address. This information will help you deal in case of order confirmations, change orders, and other concerns of the customers. It will easy for you and the customers to reach out to one another.

4. Make a Table for Order Details

The main content of a order form is to have a table that would showcase the order details. The table should contain the following names of the items that are being ordered by the buyer, sizes, color, quantity, price, and other necessary details. Provide a specific space for the total amount that has to be paid by the customer. If you are offering some services, make sure to provide the number of hours of work. As much as possible, do not overcrowd the formal document with too many details and make it brief.

5. Include Payment Options

For the last part, give your customers a choice on how they would wish to pay their ordered items or the services they are requesting. Provide some payment options by giving them the freedom to choose a payment method whether they would like it through cash, credit card, cash-on-delivery, or cash-on-hand. If you are done, check everything, and prepare a printable order form for other circumstances.

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