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What Is a Startup Business Plan?

The purpose of this type of plan is to help a startup business understand what its objectives are and what has to be done in order to reach them. It basically acts as a layout of everything that has to be covered which ensures the success of your new business venture. So if you want to present how you're going to handle your startup's financial aspects, marketing strategies, or even its distribution process, then be sure to come up with a proper project plan.

How to Create a Startup Business Plan?

startup business plan template

1. Make the Executive Summary

This is where you place the whole summary into a one-page plan. Although you can stretch it out to two pages if you need to, it's best to keep it as brief as possible. You'll want it to go over everything from what the goals of your startup business are to strategies and actions that will help you achieve them. Again, remember not to go too much into detail.

2. Describe Your Business

Now is where you will want to go more detail regarding what it is that your startup intends to do. What kind of problem is it going to address? How is it going to do that? That's what you will have to point out in this section of the sample business plan. Create a vision and mission statement that will tell the reader what it is that your business hopes to achieve and what future you wish for it to have.

3. Explain the Organizational Structure

Next is for you to share the internal hierarchy of your startup plan. What kind of positions are required to ensure that all operations run smoothly? Provide a layout of your business's entire organizational structure so that readers will know who is in charge and who needs to report to whom.

4. Share What Your Business Offers and Who It's Offering It To

A business plan should have information on who the target audience is supposed to be and what it is that you have to offer them. When identifying who your business is meant to attract, gather data on their age, buying behavior, gender and anything else that will help you know who your business should cater to. As to what you're offering, provide a detailed description of the goods and/or services that you're willing to provide to your target audience. Explain the process of how you'll acquire what you need, who will be in charge of providing them, the manufacturing of goods, etc.

5. Share Your Marketing Strategies

It is very important that you include how you are going to effectively market your startup to your target audience. Be sure to think about all of the possible marketing strategies that will benefit your business and decide on the ones that you will be focusing on. Describe how you and your staff will implement these strategies and what methods you will use to do so.

6. Point Out Your Startup's Financial Plan

Potential investors who will be going through your plan will want to know where your sources of revenue will be coming from. Not only that, but they will also want to know how much it will take to keep your startup's operations going. You'll need to provide them with a solid budget plan that will tell them everything they need to know. Cover at least 3 month's worth of business expenses and the estimated amount of revenue you will be gaining within that time.

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