Startup Meeting Minutes Templates

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If you have a new business that you’re building up, hosting group discussions between your employees is critical. By having these meetings, your members gain a better sense of teamwork with each other, which is important for your company’s success. And so, make the most out of these meetings by incorporating our Startup Meeting Minutes Templates! Quickly draft documents for your discussion notes, which act as official logs and distributable reminders. Our samples are available in a whole slew of file formats, making them convenient for any preferred platform. Don’t delay and download now—use our professional content to summarize your meetings’ agendas, actions, and more!

What Are Startup Meeting Minutes?

Meetings are important when laying the foundation for your startup business. And to make the most of these congregations, you need notes that summarize their key takeaways.

In an article from The Balance (a business-oriented resource), it’s explained that meeting minutes are useful because of how they keep relevant parties informed about a past discussion. So, these types of documents are invaluable when it comes to refining your new company.

How to Make Startup Meeting Minutes

Are you learning how to effectively create meeting minutes for your startup company? If so, feel free to read our tips below!

1. Prepare Your Tools for Writing Startup Meeting Notes

Your meeting minutes’ most important step takes place before writing the document itself. The quality of your notes has a significant impact on that of the document. Because of this, you need a medium that allows effective notetaking.

Laptops, tablets, and even smartphones are viable for a digital option. But, for something more foolproof, traditional pen and paper are always good. Whichever you go with, make sure that you bring a backup with you, just in case!

2. Get Everyone’s Name When the Startup Meeting Begins

In your meeting minutes, it’s required that you list down everyone who was present (and absent). So, put together an attendance sheet beforehand and then distribute it for the attendees to fill out. Also, when making the sheet, clearly indicate separate spaces for writing down names and signatures.

3. Focus on What Matters in the Startup Meeting

While taking your notes, ensure that you keep yourself free from any distractions. Additionally, it’s unnecessary to exhaust your attention on every small detail in a statement. Instead, understand and summarize those comments, writing down the main gist behind them.

In the startup meeting, certain actions and events are also relevant for your meeting minutes. For instance, include things like votes on assigning directors for programs and proposals for including new board members.

4. Draft Your Startup Meeting Minutes

At the very top of your meeting minutes is where you provide a title or main header. Make this part fairly descriptive, informing the reader about the document’s contents. Write down something similar to “Board Meeting for Marketing Funds” or “Meeting with CEO and Committee Members.”

Regarding the agendas, venue, action items, and so on, using a grid table is always recommended. A table neatly organizes different information together, making the contents easy to read.

Did you get through all our tips? You’re now more adept at composing a log document for your fresh company’s meetings. And don’t forget that we also have our Startup Meeting Minutes Templates for an even easier time with your work!


  • Which applications are used when composing startup meeting minutes?

      Some of these options are:

      1. Apple Pages
      2. Google Docs
      3. MS Word
  • Who is typically tasked with writing notes for startup meeting minutes?

      Generally, an assistant or secretary is tasked with taking notes in a startup meeting.

  • Which page sizes are used for making startup meeting minutes?

      Both A4 and US letter sizes are standard options when writing startup meeting minutes.

  • What key information is written in startup meeting minutes?

      This consists of:

      1. Agendas and topics
      2. Meeting attendees
      3. Meeting time and venue
      4. Action items
  • Who is in charge of reviewing startup meeting minutes before finalization?

      The meeting’s host is usually the person who reviews and approves the meeting minutes.