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How to Make a Startup Organizational Chart?

A start-up organizational chart or an organogram is a diagram that shows the partnership and the hierarchy of employees or departments in a startup company. Organizational charts are crucial in the business industry because it helps in representing the company's organizational structure.

With an organizational chart, any employee will be properly guided on who to report to and who's responsible for which position. Hence, we've made a list of guidelines to help you create an organizational chart for your start-up business. Make sure to follow the guide so that you will end up with the best organizational chart for your company.

1. Know The Structure of Your Business

Every business has a different type of structure. Before you start making your simple organizational chart, make sure that you know the entire structure of your business and assess what kind of work process you are following. That way, you won't have a hard time trying to figure out how to start making the chart. While the business structure may be a process among employees or by the department, you only need one for your chart.

2. Learn The Working Relationship of the Staff

Make sure you understand the work system your company has. Try to look at who is reporting to whom or who is accountable for specific jobs and then, make a connection. In your organizational business chart, you can explain the relationship within your employees through the use of arrows and shapes.

3. Make a Mock-up Organizational Chart

Once you have a bag full of everything you need to know, start making a draft for your startup org chart. A mock-up is what you want the chart to look like once you finish working on it. In your draft, decide how you want your chart to look like in the final output. Always begin from the highest-ranked position, like managers, team leaders, and list the other departments of lower position. Gather all the pieces of information you needed as well.

4. Design the Layout

Design a layout in any of the applications they are well-equipped with and make sufficient columns and rows to accommodate all the details. To make it more convenient at your end, we strongly recommend you download a printable organizational chart template from our gallery.

5. Double-check the Org Chart

Always make it a habit to proofread everything before you present it to the public. Check every detail you have stated and in case there are any errors that you have noticed, please edit it to make it accurate. Always check the name of the employees if they are written correctly and other minor details. To avoid confusion and misinformation, be sure to back read the document as many as possible. When it comes to presenting the output, you may present it via presentation or through banners and others.

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