When opening a new business, there’s a great deal of different work to take care of. Fortunately, we can help your planning with our professional Startup Checklist Templates! By incorporating our materials, you can easily keep track of your bookkeeping, equipment, projects, maintenance, and much more. You’ll have no problem with compatibility, as our samples are editable in several applications (including Mac Pages). Go ahead and download our templates to get your fresh business rolling!

How to Make a Startup Checklist

Checklists are great for planning and organizing a startup company. These simple yet handy tools can help with tasks, timelines, outsourcing, etc. (as Forbes points out in a web article). Whether it’s a new office, warehouse, or factory, checklists are useful for starting any business.

Creating an effective checklist document is quick and simple. However, if you’re not familiar with doing so, feel free to read our tips below.

1. Use Grid Tables in Your Startup Checklist

To neatly organize your startup checklist’s primary information, setting up a proper grid table is necessary. Add each item into its own row plus an extra one at the top for your header labels. Next, for the column quantity, add one for every category of information you need for all the listed items.

2. Format Your Checklist’s Tables

In your list document, there are a few things you can do to improve the table’s readability. First, apply a bit of coloring to section off various parts, especially the labels. At the same time, format the table’s text as well (color, size, alignment, etc.).

3. Include Additional Information in Your Startup Checklist

Besides the main items, there are several other details you can include in your startup checklist. Specific information varies, depending on what you need; however, a few general ones to have are the writer, company name, and date. If you need space for signatures, then prepare it below the table.

4. Give Your Checklist an Informative Title

At the top of your checklist document, provide a simple yet descriptive title—such as “HR Department Project Timeline.” Additionally, insert your company’s logo into one of the document’s upper corners.

And there you have our tips on creating a checklist for a startup business! Finally, consider downloading our Startup Checklist Templates for an easier time with your content creation.

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