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What Is a One Page Plan?

A one-page plan is a professional document where all of the vital information and details are contained in just a single page. It is employed by organizations of all sorts, from corporate business to non-profit organizations as a way of saving time from coming up with long-winded business plans. As such, it is expected that this will be quite concise and comprehensive. In the interest of keeping it all on one page, some parts that are deemed to be not so important may be omitted.

How to Write a One Page Plan

how to write a one page plan?

There are numerous variations of a one-page plan, encompassing a wide range of topics and purposes. From digital marketing, project management, social media, and even personal one-page plans, you can be assured that they all share similar steps when it comes to the creation process. The ones listed below are made to be as simple and direct as possible, making them all the more fitting for any one-page plan variant. First things first, start with:

1. Include a Description of Problems That Need Solving

By acknowledging the problems or issues that you are trying to solve, you help provide yourself in the right direction. The description in itself does not have to be too long or even particularly short. It just needs to be enough in terms of length for you to be able to accurately define what it is that your customers need from you.

2. Write The Possible Solutions Provided By Your Product or Service

As the one looking to solve the problems of your customers, this is the part where your solutions come in the form of whatever products or services that you are providing. List down the specifics, such as how your customers will be able to make use of what you have to offer to their utmost benefit.

3. Introduce Your Business Model

The term business model already encompasses multiple areas that need to be covered. Among said areas will include the potential raw materials, labor, and manufacturing involved, along with the marketing, your distribution, and the processing. If it is applicable, you can even include your pricing strategy, as well as the different payment methods to be enforced.

4. Specify Your Target Market

Any business plan, be it contained in just a single page or even multiple, would not be complete without any mention of your specific target market. This is important because it acknowledges who you are aiming to sell and market your products or services to and why.

5. Include a Short Financial Summary and The Required Funds

One of the last things for you to include in your one-page plan would be your company’s financial statement summary as well as the amount of funds that your planned endeavors are going to require. Again, there is a need for a summary that is as comprehensive as possible and that will go double for the required funds.

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