For a retail store to function efficiently, its employees and their duties need to be managed by someone who's knowledgeable and skilled in its operations. Just like any other business, there has to be a manager to look after the workers. If you're someone who's capable of doing this kind of job, then why not send a cover letter to secure the position? Cover letters should impress employers right off the bat, and you can do that with the help of our Store Manager Cover Letter Templates. Guidelines are FAQs are also provided below if you need it. Go ahead, download a template now!

What Is a Store Manager Cover Letter?

A store manager cover letter is a document that job applicants use when they wish to fill a managerial position in a store. This is submitted to a hiring manager and contains a summary of the applicant's background, credentials, and other useful information. This is usually submitted together with a resume unless otherwise indicated in the ad.

How to Make a Store Manager Cover Letter

According to a survey on Forbes, 58 percent of managers in the US revealed they didn't undergo any training after securing a managerial position. Based on facts from Career Builder, employers get promoted to managers if their performance is exceptional, but there are also others who apply for the position. If you're leaning towards the latter, here's a guide to help you make a great cover letter.

1. Make a Strong Introduction

There are ways to impress an employer with your application letter, and one of them is writing a strong introduction. As the name implies, this section introduces the applicant to the employer, and it should be strong enough to leave the latter with a good impression.

2. Know Your Employer

It's never advisable to use a generic cover letter when applying for a position. Even if you're using a premade letter template, the content should be rewritten to match the employer and position. To do that effectively, you will need to do some research about the store, the people at the top of the organizational chart, and the responsibilities of a store manager.

3. Make It Simple

Keep your cover letter simple and straightforward. It should consist of three paragraphs, and the second one is where your credentials, education, and past jobs are elaborated. However, keep it as concise as possible, your resume will take care of providing the hiring manager with the missing details or specifications.

4. Consider Your Tone

Apart from keeping your letter concise, you should also keep your tone formal and professional. As mentioned in the previous step, it's important that you leave employers with a good impression. This will increase the likeliness of getting the managerial position that you're pursuing. Choose the right words and address the employer politely.

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