Owning a store in a fast-paced world as we have today means having to compete with hundreds of other businesses who are working hard to build brand recognition and to gather customers and clients at the same time. Time and time again, flyers have proven themselves to be the most effective tool for promoting products and services. Thus, we offer you a wide variety of Store Flyer Templates which are all editable in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop. Guaranteed, these store flyer designs will be a total eye-catcher with its high-quality graphics, high-definition colors, and royalty-free designs. Communicate more effectively with the marketable suggested content and get the results you want! Click to avail of our subscription plan right away!

What is a Store Flyer?

A store flyer is a marketing material used to promote goods and services to the general public or to a client. These flyers' content consists of the products or goods being promoted, the name of the store, and some basic information and contact details. Store flyers are either displayed in public locations or posted on websites and social media sites.

How to Make a Winning Store Flyer

store flyer template

There's always a challenge to every marketing method. For store flyers that are displayed in places where there is foot traffic, the challenge is on how to get their flyers noticed. While for those ad banners posted online, the challenge is on how to send them to subscribers, how to get noticed on search engines, and on advertisements. So how do you make a commercial flyer that doesn't get thrown on to the trash bin? Here are some points on how to make a winning store flyer design.

1. Choose a Flyer Size

Choosing the right dimensions for your simple flyer is important because you wouldn't want an unnecessarily big flyer when you can settle with a smaller one, and vice versa. Flyer sizes can range from half sheet to large format sizes. Half sheet size would be 5.5" x 8.5", the standard size is 8.5" x 11", while the large format is 11" x 17".

2. Choose a Compelling Headline

A striking headline in your business flyer should be just enough to drive people's interest in your store. Use strong verbs to direct command or to demand attention. The shorter the phrase, the better it is. For example, using the words "Opening Sale" for a clothing store opening is good. Another way to make a compelling headline is to tie it up to a benefit, that will totally be eye-catching.

3. Catch Attention by Mentioning Benefits and Discounts

The percentage sign is every businessman's friend. This symbol is a surefire way of getting your sample flyer noticed by people. Who doesn't love discounts and freebies? Emphasize the text more effectively by using a different font size or font type. Be particular on what type of benefit will your customers be getting to pike up their interest more effectively.

4. Use Marketable Images and High-Quality Designs

First of all, you have to make sure that the designs and images are suitable for the theme or purpose of the modern flyer template. Use photos with depth or photos in action to make your flyer template more captivating. Keep the designs at a minimal if you are aiming for a professional-looking template. Do not clutter your layout with unnecessary designs.

5. Provide Updated Contact Information

It's crucial that you don't miss out on this part. Make sure to put up working numbers on your flyer so that people can reach out to you for inquiries regarding your promotion. You can also include social media links since half of the world's population now relies on the internet for communication.

6. Choose a Promotion Platform

You have two choices: to physically print and post your store flyer template on public places or to download and post it online. With the advancement of the digital world, promoting online has been made easier. You can also produce a hard copy of your store flyers to hand or post on places where there are people.

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