From a psychological perspective, individuals have an innate desire towards completion. This drive leads to actions that develop skills and abilities. In the same way, corporations and businesses embody the same drive to achieve success. One way of doing so is through training programs. These training programs stem from identifying lapses and composing training proposals. Our site has a wide selection of training proposal templates in Apple Pages that are 100% customizable according to your corporate needs. With these templates, you do not need several days or even hours to create a proposal from scratch. Subscribe and experience the convenience today!

How to Create a Training Proposal in Apple (MAC) Pages

Creating training proposals can be a daunting task. The pieces of information that you need to consider can be overwhelming. That is why our site offers some tips on how you can meticulously create your persuasive and winning training proposals.

1. Assess the Training Need

The need for training proposals stems from a real need. Whether at school or work, the gravity of the need must be evaluated thoroughly to come up with appropriate measures. You can use a training needs analysis to figure out the parameters of the need.

2. Indicate the Goals of the Training Plan

After pinpointing the root of the need, the next best thing to do is to formulate specific goals to bridge the gap brought about by the need. The entire training design will use these goals as its true north. These goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

3. Introduce Proposed Training Activities

The presented goals must have supporting activities. The structure of these activities is specific to the overarching goal of the training session. More often than not, the ratio of goal to activity is 1:1. Although this set-up may not be ideal for some, it is the best way to retain and reinforce new information.

4. Include an Estimated Time Frame

If you do choose to formulate specific training activities for each training goal, then the schedule is of significant priority. A Gantt chart is highly recommended in plotting the timelines of these activities to determine if there are overlaps within the time allocation. Including this detail in the proposal will also provide a heads up to the executives on how long the employees will be excused from their stations.

5. Present the Proposed Budget

The last and definitely not the least detail in a training proposal is the estimated budget. This data often makes or breaks the deal. Even if it is a budget proposal, aim to have realistic amounts. Before the executives make their decision, they might have questions regarding the estimates, so prepare to explain and be open to negotiations.

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