Career training and development is crucial for both business and employee growth. It is in this segment where companies arrange development plans to help foster and nourish the quality of its workforce. Organizing such activities may come with a lot of complexities. To help you simplify them, we offer you our collection of editable and high-quality Training and Development Mind Map Templates in Apple Mac Pages. All of these files are professionally designed with creative and original artworks that are customizable in its compatible editing device. Hurry! Don't miss these printable templates and download them while they are still available!

How to Create a Training and Development Mind Map in Apple (MAC) Pages

According to research conducted by Middlesex University, 76 percent of employees believe that career growth opportunities are important. From customer service to soft skills training and many more, its preparation process could go in a long way. Thus, you need proper mind mapping to organize these training effectively. Learn how to create them with the provided steps below.

1. Determine Your Main Concept

Start with the visual summary of your training and development mind map; its main concept. This will serve as your basis on how you should create it. Keep it formal and precise so that your audience can easily understand it.

2. Drafts Its Structure

After determining your main concept, start conceptualizing its structure and layout style. Do some research online and check out credible sources that you can take reference from. Prepare to conduct some serious note-taking on the important points that are helpful in drafting its structure.

3. Decide on Its Theme

This is where your creative side will be tested. In choosing a theme, make sure to relate it to the overall concept of your mind map. You can try to be playful, but don't sacrifice the formality of the document. If you want to make it less hassle, then ready-made templates can be of big help.

4. Make It Interesting

Engage your audience in your mind map by adding some interesting elements to it. Integrate light tone colors, but don't overexaggerate everything. Be strategic in placing them and use them as highlights to the important points of the training and development mind map.

5. Seek Experts Advice

Lastly, seek out the services of experts about your accomplished mind map. Hear out their opinions, criticisms, and suggestions about the different ways to improve it. After corrections are made, save the document and start generating digital and printed copies of it.

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