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How to Write a Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

The two weeks’ notice is a courteous and respectful way to resign from your job and stay on good terms with your company. This standard resignation time frame serves as a buffer time that allows your employer to make a plan to pass off your responsibilities or to begin looking for your replacement. Like any other formal letter, the two weeks’ notice should be short and direct to the point. If you are planning to write this resignation letter, here are some tips:

1. Keep the Letter Short and Simple

Using a standard letter format, tell your employer that you are leaving the company, and indicate the intended date of your departure. Remain polite and courteous, but do not share more than you are comfortable with. You are entitled to your own privacy, so remember that you don’t have to share why you’re leaving, or whether or not you have a new job. If you resigned due to negative reasons, this is not the time to express such reasons; you can share all your thoughts during your exit interview.

2. Highlight Important Dates

Be sure to add the date of your submission and the date of your last day in the letter. This will allow your employer to keep a paper trail, and it makes it clear to them when you will be leaving.

3. Assure Employer About Pending Work

Include an assurance that you will finish your pending works in your last two weeks. This serves as an act of responsibility to your job and gives your employer a good impression of your work ethic. This will make it more likely for your employer to give you a good recommendation. If you feel it necessary, offer to help with training for those who will take over your role as well. However, if you’re still needed to do some work after your indicated last day, make sure that you also negotiate a fair rate.

4. Close on a Positive Note

Even when you thanked your employer earlier in the notice, it is a good idea to close with a positive note. Restate your gratitude for the knowledge and experience you gained during your time at the company.

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